How to cure a headache that is "no abnormality" at the hospital|西船橋で鬱、自律神経失調症頭痛、めまい、不眠、いらいらなどでお悩みの方専門整体院

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How to cure a headache that is “no abnormality” at the hospital

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do you have a headache


Statistically, about 26% of Japanese people have headaches at least once a week.

Approximately 60% of people have headaches at least once a month, and 1 in 3 people are aware that they have headaches.

Headache is no longer a national disease.


do you want to get rid of headaches

“Headaches have been a problem since I was a child.”

So how do you deal with headaches?

“I am going to the hospital”

“I take medicine regularly.”


What are the results?

“Taking medicine will make you feel better.”

“I’m fine because I’ve been given headache medicine that suits my body.”


It’s not wrong to go to the hospital with a headache.

It’s because it’s better to get a diagnosis of whether you’re sick or not.

If the cause of the headache is a brain tumor or cerebrovascular disease, it can be life threatening.


However, the results of the examination

“There were no abnormalities.”

In the case of , it is not very desirable to continue to go to the hospital as it is.

This is because hospitals are places where sick people go.


And there is also a problem in continuing to take headache medicine prescribed by the hospital.

Have you ever heard the term “medication-dependent headache”?

If you take headache medicine more than 10 times in one month, it is said that you are more likely to get a headache due to it.


If you take painkillers, you’re more likely to get headaches.

“Are you that stupid?!”

I would think.


Many of the medicines prescribed in modern medicine, not just headache medicines, are chemicals.

When you take these, the sympathetic nerves become tense, so they seem to be effective temporarily, but in the long run they make you feel worse, and as a result, your symptoms get worse.


So what should we do?

it’s simple.

It would be nice to get rid of the headache.

“Are you kidding me?” you might say, but getting rid of headaches isn’t as hard as you might think.


to cure a headache

1. Have a good posture

2. Don’t look down

These are the only two points.


how is it?

Isn’t this all you can do?


Please refer to the following for good posture.

good posture

Place the back of your hand on your waist.
Tighten the muscles on both sides of the spine just above the back of the hand and arch the spine. there is).
Only this.

“Is it okay if I don’t puff out my chest?”

Yes, please don’t push yourself.

Pushing your chest out can make things worse.


In order not to look down, you need to prepare the environment.

If you are using a laptop, put the computer stand down and raise the computer screen.

Even better if you have an external keyboard.

Raise your smartphone up to your eye level.


For the first week, you may think, “It’s hard,” but after that, the day will come when you say, “Oh, I don’t have a lot of headaches today.”

Please try to work on it.


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