Can you cure depression with energy? !|西船橋で鬱、自律神経失調症頭痛、めまい、不眠、いらいらなどでお悩みの方専門整体院

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Can you cure depression with energy? !

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There are people who are depressed and are recovering at home.

I am now fully recovered and have returned to work.


When I contacted the company when the person was absent, my boss said

“If you come to the company and work, you will be cured.”

It seems that I was urged to go to work.


i heard that


I thought lol.


When I asked him how old he was, he said he was over 60.

Certainly, in the past, there weren’t many people with mental illnesses such as depression… or rather, it was probably just a problem of “intention,” “relaxation,” and “feeling weak.”


that’s why

“I’m not feeling well because I’m at home”

“If you come to the company and work, you will be cured.”

What do you say so casually?


How would you feel if someone said this to you?

Isn’t that a shock?


This patient, who is a patient of our hospital, has just recovered from his depression, so he has not suffered much damage and has returned to work.

But it was still too early.

I have a boss like this, so maybe I’m not valued very much? I doubted.


The company first

“Work in a private room so that you are not influenced by other people.”

So it seems that I was able to work at my own pace.


However, when I asked about the situation after about a week, it was said that it was returned to the usual desk in just a few days.

And next week was going to be a lot busier.



“It’s still too early to work overtime, so please be sure to decline.”

I told you, but listening to this feeling of collapse, maybe next week

“Overtime has started”

I’m wondering if you’ll talk to me.


Depression develops when you feel unwell.

as a reason for feeling unwell

bad posture
Lack of sleep
And so on.


Of these, “bad posture” improved while attending our clinic.

However, listening to the response of this person’s company, I feel that there is a deep-seated deterioration in physical condition due to “overwork”.


There is nothing that you should continue to do to your health.

The company (or boss) is a story that even if you are broken, you can just hire a new person.

The end of lifetime employment not only made it easier for you to change jobs, but also made it possible for companies to replace their workforce at any time.


your company

“It’s just my imagination”

“Because I don’t have enough spirit.”

“When I was young…”

I think you should quit the company when you see the opportunity if it seems to impose such anachronistic things on you.


Again, there is no job that you have to continue to do to your health.

By the way, I have quit the company four times and have reached now.

It’s not that I’m bored at all lol.


院長 宮島信広