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The only solution for your symptoms Part 1

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Stiff shoulder, back pain, headache, dizziness, shortness of breath, palpitations, anxiety, panic disorder, depression, insomnia, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer

How do you treat these symptoms that bother you?


“I’m getting a massage”

“I’m getting a tranquilizer prescribed by a psychiatrist.”

“I’m going to have an operation in the internal medicine department.”

“I had an orthopedic hernia operation.”



It is normal for each symptom to depend on the place of treatment in each specialty.

But what if all these symptoms are caused by one thing?


“Is stiff shoulders and diabetes caused by the same thing?”

“Depression or cancer?”


that’s right.

It happens for the same reason.

What is that one reason?


that is

Lifestyle habit



Your shoulders are stiff because your lifestyle is bad.

You have a headache because your lifestyle is bad.

You got diabetes because of your bad lifestyle.

I became depressed because your lifestyle is bad.


Unless it’s a viral illness or injury, your past lifestyle habits are making you who you are today.


In other words, even if you go to a chiropractor or go to a hospital, your symptoms will not go away unless you change your lifestyle.


For example, if you had surgery for cancer, and the cause of the cancer was smoking, what do you think would happen if you continued to smoke after the surgery?

The cancer will probably come back.


By the way, I have a question for you.

“Are you feeling well?”

Perhaps if you have some kind of worries, you shouldn’t answer “I’m in good shape”.


That is right.

You have a problem with your lifestyle and are suffering from various symptoms because you are not feeling well.

The problem you should be working on is not getting rid of your symptoms with drugs or physiotherapy, but getting better.

When you feel better, most of your worries will go away.


So how do you get better?



How to change your lifestyle and improve your health

Part 1: Habits to improve the intestines


The gut is the first line of defense against the immune system.

It is deeply related to the mental part so that it is said to be “the second brain”.

Improving your gut health will help you feel better faster.


How can the gut improve?


(1) Intake of dietary fiber

“I’m good at passing through, so I don’t think dietary fiber matters.”

It’s not like saying

Dietary fiber is a feast for the good bacteria in your gut.

By eating dietary fiber, good bacteria are activated and the immune system is increased.


And by taking dietary fiber at the beginning of the meal, you can prevent a rapid rise in blood sugar level.

A rapid rise in blood sugar levels stimulates insulin secretion.

And insulin converts excess sugar into fat, leading to obesity.


2) Do not take antibiotics

Have you caught a cold and casually taken antibiotics?

“If you take antibiotics when your throat hurts, it will get better quickly, so I take it about twice a year.”

you say


Did you know that antibiotics can wreak havoc on your body?

Antibiotics kill about 30% of the intestinal bacteria.

And it takes six months to repair the damage.

Isn’t that a surprise?


There is a period of half a year where 30% of the intestinal bacteria that are fighting on the front line of immunity are absent, right?

And if you were taking antibiotics more casually, the damage would be much more serious.


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