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Is it because of SNS?

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Recently, the number of sick people is increasing.

I’m not feeling well

I feel bad for some reason


Do you have this problem too?


I feel like I’ve got a blur…


What is the reason for this?

I think as follows.

“Fiddling with smartphones too much”

That is.


Especially the vertical scroll is too much.

If I leave it to my leisure and scroll through SNS for a while, I gradually feel sick.

At first, I didn’t understand why I felt sick.

“Do you have a hangover?”

I thought lol.


But recently, I spend more time listening to audiobooks read aloud, and as a result, I spend less time looking at my smartphone.

Then somehow I felt less uncomfortable.


In particular, I spend less time looking at SNS.

Some days you may never see it.

When I told the patients about it and recommended it, the number of people who are doing well has increased considerably.


In particular, people with weak semicircular canals seem to be getting sick by watching the vertical scroll.


In the world, it is said that “SNS shines”.

Even TV is broadcasting aiming at SNS shine.

I think most people probably look at some kind of SNS every day.


Recently, even elementary school students are watching SNS.

The number of children who cannot get up in the morning and cannot go to school is increasing.

I don’t think it has anything to do with SNS.


Well, vertical scrolling isn’t just for SNS, but I’ve been feeling better since I stopped looking at SNS.


“Even if you say so, it’s hard to stop.”

It may be said.

I think it’s okay for people in great shape.

Those who say so may be tolerant.



“I’m not feeling well all the time”

“I don’t sleep very well”

“I’m worried every day”

For those who say, please try to reduce the time to look at SNS a little.


The reason most people look at SNS is “just to kill time”.


Your physical condition is collapsing just by killing time.


This is similar to quitting smoking.

As soon as you stop smoking, you will have free time.

Then, after a while, he starts smoking.


It seems that people who quit smoking are licking candy at that time.

When I spend too much time not looking at SNS, I end up going back to SNS again.


In my case, I use that time to listen to audio.

I haven’t been reading books lately, so listening to the readings of books on audiobooks was just the right way to acquire knowledge.


This is expensive, so if you don’t want to go that far, you can listen to the audio on YouTube or her Voicy.

My recommendation is to listen to rakugo on YouTube.

Mr. Shinosuke Tatekawa can use many different voices, as expected of a master! That’s what it feels like.


Please try the challenge.


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