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How to ensure a successful diet

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“Teacher, do you have any tricks to lose weight?”

Sometimes asked.


Is there a trick to lose weight?

I once asked a friend of mine, an acupuncturist, if there was a point to lose weight.

After all, the friend was making a diet course and doing surgery.


However, when I listened to it carefully, I was told that although there is, it does not mean that you can lose weight just by pressing that point.

Then, why do you put needles on the pressure points? They put stickers on top of the needles, and when you see them, you become aware that you are on a diet.

It seems that the actual effect of diet is mostly dietary guidance.


“You’re slim, aren’t you?”

People say that, but in fact, I secretly went on a diet because I gained weight due to the corona virus.

I was 73kg before the diet, but over the course of two years I lost 65kg, and since I got too skinny, I put it back down to 68kg, and I’m keeping it.


There is something I have learned through my own diet experience.

that is

diet is a habit

That’s what it means.


Why do so many people fail to diet?

Because you stop dieting.

When you stop dieting, you will return to your original weight.

It’s the same attitude that I teach everyone.

Don’t give up on your diet or posture, just make it part of your lifestyle.



“But I can’t live without eating sweets for the rest of my life.”

It may be said, but the diet I recommend is “no patience”.

Patience will not last.

If you want to eat something sweet, I think you should eat it.

The important thing is how to eat.


① Start with foods with dietary fiber

First of all, please eat the first bite from foods with dietary fiber such as vegetables.

This will prevent your blood sugar from rising too quickly.


The reason why blood sugar levels should not be raised too much is that when blood sugar levels rise suddenly, a large amount of insulin is released to bring it down.

“Is it okay if my blood sugar level goes down?”

it’s not.


Insulin converts sugar in the blood into fat and stores it in the body in order to lower blood sugar levels.

As a result, you gain weight.

It is okay to eat rice, but please do so as late in the meal as possible.


② Chew 30 times before eating

If you don’t chew and eat too much, you will end up eating a lot.

Because it’s going to be a quick meal.


If you eat quickly, you will eat a lot before the satiety center is stimulated.

“Even so, it’s a habit, so I can’t help but…”


Please put your chopsticks down after each bite.

By doing so, you can get rid of the habit of eating quickly and eat slowly.


Just by working on these two things, you will gradually lose weight.

If you drastically reduce the amount of food you eat or do something unreasonable, the diet will not continue, and you will lose muscle.


When you lose muscle, your metabolism slows down.

Then, after a while after starting the diet, the weight will not come off.

And if your metabolism remains low, you will gain weight if you eat the same amount of food.

This is called rebound.


If you can maintain a healthy lifestyle without overdoing it, you can continue to lose weight.

And these two habits are also healthy habits.

Please try by all means try.


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