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how to eat healthy

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Are you careful about your diet?

There is a lot of information about food in the world.


My hobby these days is listening to audiobooks read aloud while taking a walk.

I happened to be listening to a book about food two times in a row.

The first book said, “Let’s eat vegetables with dietary fiber first so as not to raise blood sugar too much.”

In the second book, he said, “Vegetables are not nutritious, so eat meat anyway. And if you still have room in your stomach, eat vegetables.”


These two books were solid in content, so neither of them is lying.

They are in a different position.

The first book is from a blood sugar point of view and the second book is from a muscle point of view.


In addition to these, there are diets that only eat vegetables, diets that focus on meat, diets that do not use fire, diets that require cooking, and so on. There is a way.


I am sometimes asked

“What should I eat?”


As mentioned above, there is no such thing as “this is the correct answer!” when it comes to food.

However, there is something that I practice on a daily basis and feel that “Is this close to the correct answer?”




how to eat healthy

Part 1: Eat deliciously


Are you eating while looking at your smartphone?

Are you more into TV than food?

And do you put it into words and say “delicious!”?


While there are various dietary treatments, they say the exact opposite, but if none of them are effective, they shouldn’t be so popular in the world.

Then, why is it effective even if you practice the opposite?


And when you say, “It’s delicious!”


If you eat while fiddling with your smartphone, you are more likely to miss the taste.

Concentrate on eating for the person who made it for you.




how to eat healthy

② Chew well before eating


Do you chew your food 30 times?

“I haven’t counted.”

Most people say that, but if you don’t care about the number of times you chew, you’ll probably swallow it in about 5 times.



“I don’t eat such hard food, so maybe I shouldn’t chew too much?”

you may say.


The more you chew, the more saliva you produce.

A lot of this saliva has a big impact on your health.


Saliva contains various enzymes.

There are enzymes called peroxidase and catalase, and this enzyme is recognized to suppress cancer.

A surprising study found that soaking a carcinogen in this enzyme for 30 seconds neutralized most of its toxicity.


There is also a type of growth hormone called parothin, which promotes the growth of bones, skin and muscles.

There are also hormones that rejuvenate blood vessels.


Such a drug has not yet been released by a pharmaceutical company.

This panacea is in your body, and the more you chew, the more it springs up.

And it’s free lol.


The above is my recommended diet, but there are countless other correct answers, so please try to work on your own.


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