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Problems of the mind, starting with the body

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Have you been to a psychosomatic medicine or psychiatrist for anxiety, depression, or panic disorder?

And what are the results?


“I’ve been on tranquilizers for over a year now, and there’s been little change.”

Isn’t it most of the people who say?


Or, even if the stabilizer works to some extent and they return to work, there are many people who relapse after about three months and take a break from work.


Although it is rare in Japan, there are hospitals where you can receive counseling overseas.

A person who came to our clinic said that he had been receiving counseling for more than two years in the United States, but he had gotten better and worse, and as a result, there was almost no change.


Why are tranquilizers and counseling less effective for mental health problems?

That’s because the root of mental health problems like depression and anxiety isn’t mental.


So what is the problem of the heart and what is at the root of it?

that is

just unwell



I feel anxious because I am not feeling well.

I can’t sleep because I’m not feeling well.

I feel depressed because I am not feeling well.


Good physical condition can solve most mental problems.

Unfortunately, no drug has been developed to improve physical condition.

Maybe with today’s medical technology, we can already develop it, but if we make this medicine, no one will get sick, so maybe we won’t make it.


“If I take a tranquilizer, won’t my mind stabilize?”

Unfortunately, there is no convenient medicine that will eliminate only the feeling of anxiety.

Stabilizers just make all the senses dull.

“I no longer feel uneasy, but I also no longer feel happy or happy.”

Some say.


After all, the problem of the heart is not medicine, it is important to improve physical condition.

So what can you do to treat depression and anxiety?



how to get in shape

Here are some habits I recommend that will make you feel better.

watch your posture
chew well and eat
don’t eat convenience store bento

There are many other ways to improve your physical condition, but for now, if you work on these three things, your physical condition will improve quickly.


“It’s not that simple, is it?”


Getting healthy is actually simple.

“Is it okay if I don’t take supplements?”

It’s okay if you don’t drink.

If you can fully utilize the functions that your body has, you will be healthy.


“I see~”

If you feel that, please try to work on it from today.

But I said simple, but I didn’t say easy lol.

If you try it, you’ll understand, but it’s a little hard to spend every day with a good posture.

Chewing 30 times every meal is a little difficult.

It’s easy to stop by a convenience store and try to get it done easily.


But please accumulate this “a little hard”.

Doing so will change your lifestyle.

If you change your habits, you will feel better.

If you feel better physically, you will feel better mentally.


院長 宮島信広