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Feeling tired, dehydrated

“Somehow I’m always tired…”


how is your body?

always tired

I’m tired somehow,,,

If so, please check the following.


Are you staying hydrated?



“Are you drinking?”


You say so.

Are you pretending to be drinking?


me to the patient

“Are you hydrated?”

when I hear

“I’m taking”

“How much are you taking?”

“Probably about one 500ml plastic bottle.”

There are people who answer



I think this person is pretty extreme, but people who say they’re not feeling well are more or less the same.

How many people are dehydrated?


“What’s wrong with not drinking water?”

“It’s not the hot season anymore, so you won’t get heat stroke, right?”

“I’m not thirsty”


About 70% of our body is made up of water.

The quality of water affects your health.


Why should I drink water?

to make urine.

Urine is responsible for removing waste products from the body.

By urinating out waste products, the water in the body is kept in a clean state.


What happens if you don’t drink water?

For us humans, dehydration means death.

Therefore, try not to let water out so as to keep the amount of water in the body as constant as possible.

The point is to avoid making urine.


Not making urine means not putting waste products out of the body.

The water level in your body is getting worse.


This is similar to running a car without changing the engine oil all the time.

The fuel consumption will be worse, the exhaust gas will stink, the engine will be damaged, and there is not a single good thing.


how is it?

Did you know you need to stay hydrated?


“But how much should I take?”

“1.5 liters a day?”


Various things are said on TV and on the Internet, but I think that 1.5 liters uniformly is strange.

Height and weight are different.

A person who weighs 45 kg is not the same as a person who weighs 90 kg.


My recommended calculation method is weight x 35ml.

Because my weight is 65 kg

65 x 35ml = 2345ml


Well, 2 liters a day should be fine.


“Do I have to drink that much?!”

You don’t drink it all at once.

Think of it as morning and afternoon.

1 liter in the morning and 1 liter in the afternoon.


It is easy to understand if there are 500 plastic bottles or a 1 liter water bottle.

If you drink a little bit every 30 minutes, you can drink it without difficulty.


When you say

“Don’t you get bloated if you drink so much?”

I am asked.


The phenomenon of swelling occurs due to the accumulation of waste products in the body.

So if you drink plenty of water, the swelling will actually go away.


if you stay well hydrated

“I feel fine”

and your body will feel better.

Conversely, when you are busy and forget to drink water

“Huh? I’m tired…”

“Oh! I forgot to drink water!”

You will be able to understand what to say.


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