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What do you do when your back suddenly hurts?

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How do you deal with sudden pain in your lower back?

“If my back hurts, I’ll go get a massage.”

“I might go to acupuncture.”

you saying


That’s wrong!


“If your back hurts, you usually go for a massage, right?”

“What’s wrong with that?”


If it is a normal back pain, there is no problem with massage and stretching.

When I say “no problem” here, I don’t mean “effective”.


However, for sudden back pain, it is not “no problem”, but “very problematic”.


Sudden back pain and usual back pain are completely different in character.

So, what is the difference between regular back pain (chronic back pain) and sudden back pain (acute back pain)?



What to do when your back suddenly hurts


Sudden lower back pain is an “injury”.

“Is back pain an injury?”

That is right.

Acute back pain is an injury.


Whether it’s your shoulder, knee, or lower back, if it hurts more than twice as much as it did yesterday, it’s an injury.

You can’t see it, but the muscle fibers are torn under the skin and blood is coming out profusely.


Would you massage even if you knew the condition?

do you stretch?


I wouldn’t have done that if I had seen this injury.

For example, if you make a cut on your wrist, and every time you move your wrist, the wound spreads and blood comes out.

“Better not move your wrist.”

You should choose not to move.

I don’t even knead it.


Acute low back pain is the same condition, but the problem is that “the wound cannot be seen”.

If you can see the wound, you should not receive a massage.


“Don’t touch the wound as it will open.”

That’s about it.


but in order not to see

“I have a pain in my back, please give me a massage.”

saying, and widening the wound.

If you do this, acute back pain will never go away.



“I still have pain in my back from the strain I had three months ago.”

It is said that.

If you think about it normally, it’s impossible that the injury won’t heal for 3 months.


However, it is logical that if a healing wound is widened each time by massaging or stretching, it will not heal.



How to treat acute back pain


that is

“Don’t overdo it”



Extras include massages, stretching, warming up, and saunas.

Doing this will only cause the wound to bleed profusely and slow healing.


what you can do to close the wound

to rest

It’s just.


Well, now there are convenient products such as wound power pads as a way to close the wound, but they are ineffective against acute low back pain.


Don’t panic! Don’t make noise! Let’s be gentle so that the wound does not spread!


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