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how to boost energy

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“Somehow I’m not feeling very energetic…”

“I don’t feel like doing anything…”


do you have energy

If you say you’re not feeling well now, let’s raise your energy.


“You said that…”

“I don’t even feel like doing that, but…”


What would it be like to have no energy?

“Are you tired?”

that’s right.

When you’re physically exhausted, you don’t have the energy.

But even though I’m getting a good rest on my day off

“Somehow I have energy…”

That being said, it’s not physical.


I’m kinda tired…

I can’t get my energy up

What is the cause?


that is

Because the sympathetic nerve is not raised



The sympathetic nervous system is one of the components of the autonomic nervous system.

The autonomic nervous system consists of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

The sympathetic nerve goes up when working or exercising.

The parasympathetic nervous system rises during rest.

The sympathetic nervous system during the day and the parasympathetic nervous system at night.


A state of energy and energy means a state in which the sympathetic nervous system is active.



“I think my sympathetic nerves are on the rise because I work during the day…”

You may say that, but the sympathetic nerves are most active when you move your body.

Desk work also raises the sympathetic nerve, but it does not rise as much as when you move your body.




how to boost energy

The sympathetic nervous system speeds up the heart rate and raises blood pressure.

If you create that state, you can increase the work of the sympathetic nerves.


① walk briskly

A leisurely walk does not raise your pulse.

Walk at 1.5 times your normal walking speed.

It’s so fast that it takes your breath away.

If you alternate between walking fast for 3 minutes and walking at your usual speed for 3 minutes, you will be able to walk comfortably.


② Climb the stairs by skipping one step

If you are using the elevator, please use the stairs.

And if you climb one step, your pulse will be easier to rise.

On the other hand, if you descend slowly, you can put a load on your muscles and train them efficiently.


③ Breathing method

Breathing that is often said in the world, short inhalation and long exhalation, is a way to increase parasympathetic nerves and relax.

Conversely, focus on your inhalation and force it, and when you exhale, relax and exhale.


④Move anyway

Energy does not come out even if you sit down.

It comes out when you move your body.

Gymnastics or anything is fine, so please move your body.


“What about yoga?”

Yoga and slow stretching are ways to increase the parasympathetic nervous system.

I can’t see him anymore, but when Ichiro entered the stadium, he was running in the stadium, raising his legs and turning his arms.

This gradually raises the sympathetic nerves and gradually raises the performance.

Do slow stretching after the game is over.


If you want to increase your energy, it’s effective to move anyway.


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