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VDT syndrome

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“I’m always in a bad mood…”

“I’m doing a lot of things, but it doesn’t change much…”

you saying


It comes from the poor condition, overuse of the eyes.


A decade ago, the term Visual Display Terminal (VDT) Syndrome became popular.

With the spread of personal computers, it is said that it is caused by an increase in the amount of time spent looking at the screen.

As a result, not only eye fatigue, neck, stiff shoulders, and back pain, but also mental disorders such as frustration and anxiety develop.


at that time

“I don’t do much computer work, so it doesn’t matter.”

Isn’t there a lot of people who thought?


However, today there are very few people who are not associated with this VDT syndrome.

This is because the spread of smartphones has spread exponentially.


Housewives may also have VDT syndrome.

Elementary school children may also have VDT syndrome.

Of course, people with desk jobs are probably more likely to have VDT syndrome.


People over the age of 50 may remember, but in the past, when working on a computer, we used to wear an apron to protect against electromagnetic waves and set a time limit to work on the computer.

Pregnant women should not work on computers.

At that time, I was very concerned about computer work.


Compared to the computers of that time, there are probably fewer electromagnetic waves, and I think the screen is not a little easier on the eyes, but I spend a lot of time working on computers.


And it’s no exaggeration to say that I have VDT syndrome because I use my smartphone even when I get home.


However, I can’t get rid of computer work at work now.

I want you to review it

time to use smartphone



Don’t you look at your smartphone when you have a little spare time?

Are you constantly using your smartphone while on the train?

Are you looking at your smartphone when you are talking to someone?

Are you looking at your smartphone while eating?


“There is a high probability that this is true.”

If you say that, you have VDT syndrome.

The reason you’re always feeling sick is because you’re looking at your phone too much.


The reason why I have stiff shoulders, I am always irritated, and I am somewhat uneasy is because I look at my smartphone too much.


“I kind of understand, but I can’t stop…”

you say


Do you need to see the SNS that you always see, even if it hurts your health?

Do you have enough information to make your mind go crazy?

Probably not.


Let’s stop it from today!

,,, even if you say, it’s impossible

“I’m free, so I’ll watch it somehow”

Please stop doing just things.


And give your overworked eyes a rest.

My advice is to “close your eyes”.

Even with this alone, you can see that the feeling of being “somewhat uneasy” and the feeling of being “irritated” will calm down.


“Don’t look”, such as closing your eyes while riding an elevator, closing your eyes and resting without looking at your smartphone during your lunch break, or closing your eyes while drinking water if it’s easier. Try to get into the habit of saying


If you get into the habit of not looking at it, you’ll start to feel like you’re in good shape.

Also, as a way to pass the time I recommend, you can enjoy listening to only the sound of YouTube.

Rakugo can train your imagination.


Please try the challenge.


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