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Is the autonomic nervous system contagious? !

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Is your partner frustrated?

“That’s right.”

“I hate it because I’m always irritated.”


You don’t want to be with people who are close to you in a bad state of mind.

Even in a company, if the boss is always in a bad mood, the atmosphere in the company will be dark.

Haven’t you experienced that too?

“There is.”

“The section chief was always irritated, so he was irritated every day.”


That’s right.

Being around an irritated person is contagious.


So why are angry people angry?

“Because you’re busy with work?”

“Because it’s not going well?”


It’s because the state of autonomic nerves is bad.


Annoyed people are annoyed by almost anything.

if you’re an ordinary person


as much as to say

“I can’t help but be annoyed by that.”

I’m annoyed at what you said.


Starting with the corona epidemic, the depreciation of the yen, rising prices, etc., cars do not move due to traffic jams, subordinates do not move as expected, dogs do not get attached, etc.


These are anxious and irritated because the state of autonomic nerves is bad.

And frustration is contagious, so the atmosphere around you gets worse.


So what should we do?


It’s hard to change other people, but it’s relatively easy to change yourself.

First of all, let’s make your autonomic nerves and don’t contagious frustration.


And by living in a good state, you can spread it to others.


As a way to trim the autonomic nerve, let’s start with a simple thing first.

① Nail massage

This is a method of rubbing the ends of the nail with your thumb and index finger.

The tip of the nail has a part that activates the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves.


Rub everything from your thumb to your little finger.

This will bring your autonomic nervous system into balance.


(2) Beating chest

Gently tap your fingertips on the sternum, the bone in your chest.

This part has the heart point.

Stimulating this pressure point calms the mind.

In addition, there is an organ called the thymus, and by stimulating this, it has the effect of enhancing the immune system.


If you hit it too hard, it will have the opposite effect, so please keep it comfortable.


③ Raise the corners of your mouth

You can’t get angry while laughing (except for Naoto Takenaka lol).

“And we don’t laugh because we’re happy, but we’re happy because we laugh.”

It has been said for a long time.


But it’s strange to be smiling even though there’s nothing.

It looks natural if the corners of the mouth are slightly raised.

“That person is always smiling.”

Is there anyone around you who says that?

And the atmosphere around such people is good.


These three methods can be started right away and are highly effective.

If you spend a good posture in addition to these, you can adjust the autonomic nervous system from the root.


good posture

Place your palms on your waist.
Tighten the muscles on both sides of the spine just above the palm and arch the spine (I think this spine of yours is probably sticking out, but this spine is originally curved. there is).


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