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Recommendations for meditation

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are you meditating?


“Something seems to be a high hurdle…”


The meditations I recommend are not difficult.

All you have to do is keep your eyes closed.


“Can I just close my eyes?”

“What’s the use of that?”


Modern people rely on sight for about 80% of their five senses.

And with the spread of smartphones, we are in a state of using our eyes all the time.


Think about it.

Suppose you were able to sit on the train.

What were you doing before?

Some people were reading books, but they weren’t closing their eyes?

You were sleeping, weren’t you?


With the spread of smartphones, not only have we lost the time we used to rest our eyes, but we are forced to stare at bright screens all the time.


There is evidence that the five senses of modern people are biased towards sight.

When watching TV, subtitles have increased overwhelmingly more than before.

Subtitles appear at the bottom of both variety shows and information programs.

This is because more and more people rely on their ability to see rather than their ability to hear.


I used to listen to it regularly.

Sometimes I don’t understand what people in Aomori dialect say, so I remember laughing at the subtitles below.


That’s how much I’m using the act of looking.

So close your eyes once in a while.


To those who came to the hospital today feeling unwell

“It’s better not to look at the screen too much.”

I just told you

“I get restless when I’m not looking at my smartphone…

They said.


It may be surprising, but it seems that people who are not feeling well tend to look at their smartphones.

The brain is tired from overusing the eyes and taking in too much information from the eyes.




Recommendations for meditation


It doesn’t have to be real meditation.

A short time is fine.

Sometimes it’s okay to close your eyes.

This state is called resting eyes closed.


In this state, the fatigue of the brain will be removed.

It also lowers blood pressure.

Once you get used to it, you won’t have to think about anything.


“But, I don’t have time for that…”


Try closing your eyes while brushing your teeth.

Take the train and close your eyes for a minute.

Try closing your eyes while on an elevator.


“Is that okay?”

If you can afford it, try taking slow, deep breaths.


If you use your smartphone for a long time, the screen of your smartphone remains behind your eyelids even when you close your eyes.

This is clearly an overuse of the eyes.

Before that happens, close your eyes and rest.


“I’m free while I close my eyes…”

For those who say, please close your eyes while playing only the sound without looking at the YouTube screen.

You can get a lot of information while resting your eyes.


try it.


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