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Are you chewing your food thoroughly?

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how many times do you chew

“I haven’t counted…”

Most people say.


Most people don’t even know if they’re chewing properly.

First, count how many times you chew and eat.


“I swallowed it about five times.”

I think I’ll say

You haven’t chewed that much.


“What are you talking about because I’m not chewing?”

“Isn’t it okay because you haven’t eaten such a hard thing?”



“How can I be healthier than I am now?”

When asked, I answer:

“If you want to be healthier than you are now, pay attention to your posture, the number of times you chew, and what you eat, and you will be very healthy.”



Chewing and eating well is so important to your health.

There are people who often eat porridge because they catch a cold, but this person needs attention.

This is because even if it is porridge, it is swallowed without chewing.


“What’s wrong with that?”

Indeed, the act of chewing is the act of chewing food.

However, the act of chewing is also the act of mixing saliva and food in the mouth.

And when you chew well, more saliva is secreted.

This saliva contains various good things for the body.


First, saliva contains various digestive enzymes that aid digestion.

If you don’t chew too much, saliva won’t come out, and the food will be sent to the stomach while keeping its original shape.

Then the stomach will have to work extra.

As a result, the stomach becomes fatigued and the stomach becomes ill or suffers from anorexia.


Next, saliva contains enzymes called peroxidase and catalase, and these enzymes are known to have cancer-suppressing effects.

A surprising study found that soaking a carcinogen in this enzyme for 30 seconds neutralized most of its toxicity.


There is also a type of growth hormone called parothin, which promotes the growth of bones, skin and muscles.

There are also hormones that rejuvenate blood vessels.


how is it?

Isn’t it almost a panacea?

Such a drug has not yet been released by a pharmaceutical company.

This is what you have in your mouth.

All you have to do is chew it.

Why don’t you chew your food well?


“But you just swallow it, don’t you?”

you say

Try putting your chopsticks down for each bite.

By doing so, you can correct your fast eating habits.

The goal is to chew each mouthful 30 times.


It’s a lifestyle habit, so if you don’t do it consciously for a while until you get used to it, you’ll immediately swallow it, but once you get used to it, you’ll be more resistant to swallowing without chewing.

Please do your best until then.

You can recover from gastrointestinal upset faster, and healthy people can be even healthier.


院長 宮島信広