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What to do when you feel sick and have no appetite

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“I have no appetite…”

“Eating makes me feel sick.”

There are people who say


In this case, is it better to eat?

“If you don’t eat, you can’t get nutrition, so you can’t heal, right?”

“You have to eat when you’re sick”

would say


when we were kids

“Eat when you’re not feeling well”

I was taught by my parents.

especially when you have a cold

“Eat properly and nourish yourself.”

I remember having to force myself to eat even though I had no appetite.


Is it correct to eat? Is it correct not to eat?



“The correct answer is not to eat”

I’m telling you all.


“Don’t you feel better if you don’t eat?”

you might say, but that’s the aforementioned misinformation you were taught when you were little.


If you have no appetite, it is better not to eat.

Lack of appetite is from the brain

“Don’t eat now”

That’s the message.


There are many reasons why your brain is sending you messages not to eat.

For example, if you are not feeling well in your stomach and intestines, you may want to temporarily stop the work of digestion and absorption so that you can focus on recovery. etc.


And yet

“I have to eat”

If you force yourself to eat because of that belief, your stomach and intestines will get worse.



you say

Observe when your dog or cat is unwell.

Even if you prepare rice, you won’t eat it, right?

You stay still, don’t you?

Even birds just stay still in their nests when they are not feeling well.

Humans are the only animals that force themselves to eat when they are sick and have no appetite.


“Then shouldn’t I eat?”

That is right.

If you don’t have an appetite, you don’t have to eat until you have an appetite.

If you feel sick after eating, you don’t have to force yourself to eat.


“Hearing that made me feel better.”

It is said that.

And the person who came to the hospital one week later

“After that, it became very easy.”

Is called.


It is said that eating is good for the general public.

Of course, humans cannot live without food.

But there are not many people who say that not eating is good for the body.


I didn’t even say it on the information program on TV.

In the case of TV, it is necessary to sell things to some extent.

If you recommend not to eat it, it may go against the intention of the sponsor.


That said, not eating actually takes courage.

Many people couldn’t stop eating until I told them.


You who have gastrointestinal problems.

Even if you don’t eat for a day or two, you won’t die.

Why don’t you have the courage and stop until you have an appetite?


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