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Do headache medicines cause headaches? !

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do you have a headache

“I’ve had headaches for years.”

“When I’m tired, my head hurts…”

“When I work, I always get a headache in the evening.”


How often do you take headache medicine?

“About three times a week.”

“almost every day”

“I always keep my headache medicine in my bag and can’t let it go.”

you say


Are you familiar with the term medication-dependent headache?

“Drug-dependent headache?”

“Never heard of it.”


Medication-dependent headache is a condition in which taking headache medications more than 10 times a month increases the likelihood of headaches due to taking headache medications.


What do you think when you hear this?


“Does taking headache medicine cause a headache?”

“You’re such an idiot!!”

Do not you think so?


If you continue to take headache medicine, will you be more likely to get a headache?

but for me

“I think so too”

That’s what it feels like.


For many people, medicine is the cure.

However, there are currently very few medicines that are made to cure with Western medicine medicine.

Most medicines don’t just cure symptoms.


And most medicines make the sympathetic nervous system nervous.

If you take headache medicine frequently, the sympathetic nervous system will become chronically tense, causing a phenomenon that makes headaches more likely to occur.


I call this the “headache medicine negative loop.”

have a headache
take headache medicine
The sympathetic nerves become tense, making headaches more likely to occur
Increased frequency of taking headache medicine
It causes more headaches
More headache medicine
I feel said.


“But I can’t stop taking headache medicine even though my head hurts…”

That is right.

As long as my head hurts, I can’t stop taking headache medicine.

Occasionally, some people force themselves not to take headache medicine, but it is difficult to continue doing so.

The reason is that endurance causes mental stress, so it is not possible to continue.


How can I stop taking headache medicine?

It should cure your headache.

“What are you talking about?!”

“If it’s that easy, I haven’t taken headache medicine in 10 years!”

It seems to be offended, but that is the truth.


Headaches are easier to treat than you think.

as a remedy for headaches

improve posture
Try not to look down
is mentioned.


“Is that so?!”

Please be surprised.

Have good posture and look at your smartphone.

Work with good posture and put the table in the computer so that you don’t look down.

This is all you need to get out of the negative loop.


Better posture reduces headaches
This will reduce the number of times you take headache medicine.
Reduces drug-dependent headache
Reduce the number of times you take headache medicine
You’ll get less headaches,
You can enter a positive loop.

Once you enter this loop, it’s only a matter of time.


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