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What to do first when you’re worried

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do you feel anxious?

Don’t you feel anxious?


“Sometimes I feel insecure.”

With that said, I hope this blog will help you.



The first thing you should do when you feel uneasy


It is “to move”.

What do you do when anxiety hits you?

“Is it time to sit down?”

“While watching TV”

“When using a smartphone”

And so on.


Can you guess what they have in common?

That is “not moving your body”.

Especially when I’m sitting still, I get anxious.

When I sit still, I think of something negative.


One of the reasons for anxiety is that the sympathetic nervous system is weak.

If you raise this tension, you won’t feel anxiety.


“Wait a minute!”

“You say that people with high sympathetic nerves don’t feel anxious?”

“Isn’t it the other way around?”

It may be said.

This is because it is generally said that lowering the sympathetic nerves and raising the parasympathetic nerves is good for mental health.


Of course, autonomic imbalance improves when the parasympathetic nervous system is high.

This is because most people are sympathetic.


But what many people don’t know is that your daytime sympathetic nerves aren’t as high as you might think.

It feels like I’m flying low all the time.

Therefore, when there is a little turmoil in the mind, it breaks through the limit and causes anxiety.


If the sympathetic nerve is trained and the limit value is high, it will not easily break through the limit and suffer from anxiety.


So, what is the most effective way to train the sympathetic nervous system?

It’s about moving your body.

The sympathetic nervous system is most active when you move your body.


Of course, the sympathetic nerve is dominant when you are sitting and working or looking at your smartphone, but it is not as high as when you move your body.

That’s why when I feel uneasy, moving my body makes it a lot lighter.


Another reason why you feel lighter when you move your body when you feel uneasy is that it reduces the burden on your heart.


An important reason for anxiety is that the autonomic nerves of the heart are weakened.

Many people with anxiety have heart palpitations.

When you have palpitations, you become conscious of the fear of death.

That is the true nature of “somehow uneasy”.


It is recommended to move your body as a way to deal with it.

Because the heart’s friend is muscle.

This is because using your muscles helps your heart work.


In addition to the above, try spending time with a good posture.

You can really get rid of your anxiety.


good posture

Place your palms on your waist.
Tighten the muscles on both sides of the spine just above the palm and arch the spine (I think this spine of yours is probably sticking out, but this spine is originally curved. there is).


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