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Dream bed life? !

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The other day, when I went to IKEA with my wife, I saw something like a desk on the bed.

“It’s a dream to have breakfast in bed with this.”

I couldn’t help but laugh when he said that.


Certainly, it would be elegant if you could sleep in bed and have breakfast brought to you and eat it there.

But in reality you can’t do that.

I can’t, and if I do, my health will get worse.


People with various autonomic imbalances come to our clinic.

Among them, there are a certain number of people who live in bed.

As expected, I go to the living room for breakfast and dinner, but most of the other time is spent in bed.



“Well, it can’t be helped to some extent because it’s not feeling well, can it?”

you may say.



“My son is sick, so he sleeps in bed most of the time.”

Some people may say.


If you sleep all the time, your body will get sick.

“But if you catch a cold, you’ll feel better if you sleep.”


When you have a cold or are injured, it is better to sleep and heal better.

However, the only things that can be cured by sleeping are those two.

Especially chronic symptoms get worse when you sleep all the time.


The reason why it gets worse when you sleep all the time is as follows.

i’m sleeping because i’m sick
Sleeping all the time weakens your muscles, making it even harder to stay awake
Then I sleep more and more, so my muscles weaken and it becomes even harder to stay awake…
This is called negative chaining.


There are people who don’t improve easily even if you tell them this.

It is “a person who lives in bed”.


i am that person

“Are you sitting properly?”

when I hear

“Yes. I’m sitting straight on the bed.”

and answer.


“What do you do when seiza becomes painful?”

when I hear

“Lie down”

and answer.


This is a habit that many people who live in bed have.

As soon as it gets a little hot, lie down in bed.

As for why this happens, it is

because the bed is there



Beds are for sleeping, so when you see them, you feel like sleeping.


Even if you are sitting in seiza on the bed, using your smartphone on the bed, or studying on the bed, when you get tired of it or get a little tired, you can’t just lie down on the bed. It is inevitable.


“Then what should I do?”


If you are living in one room, you can’t help it, but please get out of the bedroom and spend your time in the living room as much as possible.


Keep the bed out of sight.

The reason people living in studios live in bed is because there are no chairs or desks.

If you don’t have enough space, you don’t have to put a desk, but buy a chair and get out of bed.


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