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Painful → Rest → Painful → Negative loop

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“How are you feeling?”

“It’s painful without much change,,,”


This person has palpitations and anxiety and is going to our clinic.

It seems that he spends most of the day sleeping because he is tired every day.

He’s sleeping because he’s having a hard time… At first glance it seems right,


Other than this person, there are people who are resting at home because it is painful.

It has long been said that “sleep heals”.

What do you think?

Are you sleeping and getting better?


Unfortunately, most symptoms do not get better with sleep.

The only things that get better when you sleep are colds and injuries.


Even if you sleep, even mild stiff shoulders won’t go away.

On the contrary, if you sleep all the time, it will get worse.


“Does sleeping make it worse?”

“Is there such a thing?”


There is.

To be precise, most symptoms get worse when you sleep and rest during the day, not when you sleep at night.


It’s good to lie down when it’s really hard.

However, if you sleep and rest more than half of your waking hours, the symptoms you are worried about will be even worse than they are now.


When I tell this story, most people

“I did not know”

“I thought it would be better if I rested.”

Is called.


That’s because it’s common in the world to “rest when it’s hard”.

However, in fact, on the contrary, “resting will make it extra painful”.


The reason is

sleep to rest
When you sleep, you don’t use your muscles, so your strength drops.
What is happening becomes troublesome when muscles fall
Then you sleep more often
Then the muscle strength drops further and what is happening becomes even more troublesome
will be repeated.

I call this a “negative loop”.


A cold will heal while you sleep, so if you move your body after this, your physical strength will eventually return to normal, but your palpitations and anxiety will gradually worsen.


That’s because the sympathetic nerve doesn’t go up when you sleep all day.

It is not well known, but if the sympathetic nerve does not rise, the parasympathetic nerve does not rise.


Palpitations and anxiety are autonomic imbalances.

It’s happening because the balance of autonomic nerves is bad.


Autonomic imbalance is considered to be good if the parasympathetic nerves are raised, but as mentioned above, the parasympathetic nerves do not rise unless the sympathetic nerves are raised.

Therefore, how much sympathetic nerves can be raised during the day is the key to improving autonomic imbalance.


The best way to raise your sympathetic nerves is to move your body.

The sympathetic nervous system was trained in ancient times when hunting mammoths.

At the very least, you need to get up and stay up on your own.


And if you’re feeling a little better, take a walk, do some exercise, and get active.


You sleep all the time!

wake up now

I’m feeling better.


院長 宮島信広