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Did you know that the autonomic nervous system declines with age?

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If you don’t do anything in particular, your muscles will decline by 1% per year.

I do some kind of strength training every day.


The autonomic nervous system is said to decline by 15% in 10 years.

The decline rate is higher than muscle.



How does this make you feel?

Doesn’t it sound like “hmm”?

Because I don’t know what the autonomic nerve is.


If there is something wrong and you go to the hospital for various tests, and if nothing abnormal is found as a result, please ask your doctor

“Is it the autonomic nervous system?”

There is something to be said.


when you say that

“Autonomic nerves feel like grasping a cloud”

I have an unidentified impression.


I’m inside

“This is the autonomic nervous system”

when you say

“There is an autonomic nerve, isn’t it?”

Some say.

The existence of the autonomic nervous system is not understood to that extent.


What is the autonomic nervous system?

The autonomic nervous system is the great ruler.


Your body does things automatically without you even realizing it.

It’s bleeding blood on its own.

It keeps my blood pressure under control.

It is easily digested and absorbed.

He heals my wounds on his own.

They are making cells without permission,,, and so on.


It’s overwhelmingly less to be able to be conscious.

All these are done by the autonomic nervous system.

It is said that the brain manages it through the autonomic nerves, but according to Dr. Toru Abo, the autonomic nerves are older than the brain, and they are managed independently.


The function of the autonomic nervous system, which is the great ruler, will decrease by 15% in 10 years, right? !

Isn’t it dangerous?


“What should I do?!”

That’s what I feel.

keep pushing me like this

“This is unavoidable, so please accept it.”

Even if I say it, it seems to be angry.



How to train the autonomic nervous system


That’s right.

The autonomic nervous system can be trained to some extent.

the way is

It’s a little troublesome to do.


get a little older

“This person is not feeling well”

What kind of person do you feel?


You can see that when you look at people who have retired from work.

It is a person who lives a constant life.


“What are you doing all the time?”

“I read newspapers, go to convenience stores, and watch TV.”

I am a person like


if you are working

“Daily commute between work and home”

It is a person who repeats


If you do the same thing every day, nothing will change.

If you do the same thing every day, your autonomic nervous system will automatically train different body parts to do it.


Which leg do you wear your shoes on, left or right?

“Huh? Which one?”

That’s right.

I don’t know because I wear shoes automatically every day.

The body is responding so that this can be done without being conscious.

It saves energy.


However, if you do this every day, energy saving will accelerate and your autonomic nerves will gradually decline.


Please wear shoes from a different leg than usual.


Please be conscious of what you think.


Unlock it with a different hand than usual.

“Where are you going?”

It’s going to be.


I took a different route than usual to get to the station.

“Is there such a shop?”

Go to a different cafe.

“Don’t be a little nervous”


Have lunch at a different restaurant than usual.

Travel and see different scenery.

Attend your first event.

take part in lessons.



These are not a big deal, but they are “a little annoying”.

But this “a little troublesome” is important to train the autonomic nerves.


Please be a little conscious and think about it.


院長 宮島信広