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I have a weak stomach…

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“Since I was a child, my stomach has not been very strong, so I can’t eat much.”

It’s called a weak stomach.


If your stomach hasn’t changed much since you were a child and your stomach is weak, it might be your constitution.

If it is due to constitution or genetics, it may not change much, but in that case, I don’t think there is a problem.


In the case of constitution and heredity, all you have to do is understand it and go out with it as one of your own characteristics.


For example, if it’s a person’s constitution or heredity that they can’t eat much, their body is also made that way.

I don’t have a very good metabolism, nor am I very muscular, so my body doesn’t need to eat a lot.


So in that case, all you have to do is live with the understanding that “I am that kind of person.”


However, in the following cases, it may not be a constitution or heredity.

“My stomach feels heavy after eating…”

“My stomach hurts…”

“I get heartburn…”

“I feel tired in my stomach…”

“I burp more than before…”



If you have these symptoms along with a weak stomach, you may have an acquired stomach condition.

And if you have these symptoms and the tests show nothing wrong, you may be diagnosed with functional dyspepsia.

But functional dyspepsia is not a disease.

It is quite possible to recover the function by improving daily life.


So what can I do to improve my stomach in this case?



① Chew well before eating


This can be said for people with congenital stomach problems, but chewing well and eating will directly help the stomach.


Conversely, what would happen if you swallowed without chewing too much?

The original food and the stomach will have to fight all the time.

Many people who claim to have a weak stomach swallow their food without chewing too much.


Chew and swallow at least 20 times, preferably 30 times.

As a result, the stomach does not have to work, so the burden on the stomach is reduced, the fatigue of the stomach is relieved, and the condition is improved.

The stomach is uncontrollable, but the mouth is the only digestive tract that can be controlled.


If you have a bad stomach, please try the challenge for a week first.

For many people, that alone makes their stomachs feel better.



② Open your stomach


It’s not about having surgery lol.

Is your stomach shrinking?

Do you have a round back?


If your back is round, your belly will shrink.

When your stomach shrinks, your stomach has less room to move.

Even you are more comfortable in a large room than in a small one, right?

Even the stomach is easier to move when living in a large room.


Extend your back and expand your belly to create space for your stomach to move easily.


Do these two things and your stomach will improve.


院長 宮島信広