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Do you move your forty shoulders? don’t move?

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If you have 40 shoulders, how are you doing now?

“I’m trying to move”

“I’m rubbing the painful place well”


Probably, I think that there are overwhelmingly many people who say this.


Is it better to move the forty shoulders?

Or is it better not to move?


“There are many articles on the Internet saying that it is better to move.”

“I was told it would freeze if I didn’t move it.”


Indeed, it is generally accepted that this is correct.

As I said, I was also taught “Codman gymnastics” at a vocational school and a treatment clinic where I was training, and taught it to people with four shoulders.

It is a gymnastics called iron gymnastics, and it is a gymnastics that hangs an iron on the hand and dangles in the front, back, left and right.


I instructed them, but they had almost no effect.


Is it really better to move the forty shoulders?


The answer is

Do not move.



“You’ll freeze and won’t move!”

I think there are people who say.


Sure, the shoulder joint is stiff.

“Then you have to move.”


Now let me ask you.

Which is better, normal shoulder range of motion but painful, or slightly decreased range of shoulder motion but no pain?


Nearly everyone who listens to this says that it’s better if it’s a little stiff and doesn’t hurt.


In other words, if you have a sore shoulder and move it as hard as you can, the pain won’t go away.

It takes more than a year for most of the people who are in pain but are trying hard to rehabilitate.


“Forty shoulders takes a year, doesn’t it?”


If you spend your time without pain, it will be half in a month, and it will be almost painless in two months.


“Is it something that can be cured so easily?”


That is right.

If you stay still so that it doesn’t hurt, it will heal on its own.


What does 40 shoulders look like?

To say it hurts means to have a wound.

Imagine that there are countless small scratches in the muscle tissue under the skin, even though they cannot be seen.


When you move it, the wound spreads and becomes painful.

What do you do when you get hurt on your body?

do you rub?

Do you want to stretch?

Are you willing to move?



You should be quiet.


Let’s bring the story back to 40 shoulders.

I explained that although I couldn’t see my frozen shoulder, there were numerous scars on the muscle tissue under my skin.


What happens when you go to rehab?

What happens when you massage?


Are you still in rehab?

Do you want to continue the massage?

These will only slow down the healing of frozen shoulder extremely.


Please rest so that you won’t be in pain from today.


Of course, if you don’t hurt, you don’t do rehabilitation, but it’s very important to use your hands nearby.


If you pick up something from a distance, the burden on your shoulder will increase and you may hurt your shoulder.


My recommendation is to use your hands in the range of “learn small and forward”.

Since you don’t need to extend your hand, you have to use your legs to move your body, but that makes your shoulder joints easier.


Make it a habit.


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