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Do I Need Rehabilitation for Panic Disorder?

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People who have been absent from work for more than a year due to panic disorder

“I’m feeling better, so I told the company that I’d like to return soon.”

It said.



“It’s still early.”

I told you.


This person has been here for about two weeks.

“Very good”

As he said, I think he gained confidence.


However, that is assuming he is recuperating at his home.

Returning to work means waking up early in the morning, taking the train to work, sitting for hours, and talking to people.


Just because you can sit comfortably at home doesn’t mean you can do the same at work.


“Then you can’t go back to work for the rest of your life, can you?”


it’s not.


There is an order to everything.

What I wanted to tell him was “too fast”.


It’s the same as a person who broke his leg and just because he got the cast out doesn’t mean he can’t run a marathon.

he needs rehab.


Don’t make a mistake here, it’s the timing of rehab.

Even if you break a bone in your leg, you will need to rehabilitate after the bone is attached.


For panic disorder, it is important to start rehabilitation after panic attacks have almost disappeared.


Rehabilitation will begin once you are able to lead a normal life at home.



How to rehabilitate panic disorder


“What is Panic Disorder Rehabilitation?”

I think most people say that.

Because hospitals don’t have that policy.


Occasionally, there seems to be a kind hospital that operates a workshop for people with panic disorder, but it is still not common.


Where should panic disorder rehabilitation begin?


First of all, if you can’t get out of the house, practice getting out of the front door.

“Is that enough?”

People who say that are probably overdoing it.


If you can’t leave your house and suddenly go to a nearby park, you’ll become more anxious and more likely to have a panic attack.


Start with the smallest thing you can do.

If you can do that, try moving 10 meters away from home.

If you can do that, try walking 20 meters.

The load is increased step by step.


If you want to practice riding a train, start with a train that stops at every station.

If you can’t do that, please have someone from your family come with you.


Let’s make it possible to go near the company over a month or two.


“So long”

People with depression and panic disorder do not have a low recurrence rate.

On the contrary, it can be said that it is a shortcut to train slowly so as not to recur.


Rehabilitation for broken bones takes a month or two to get them to be able to walk, and then they gradually transition to training to be able to run.


Don’t worry, just work on it.


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