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My head hurts when I feel better…

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It’s almost typhoon season.



“When a typhoon comes, I always get a headache.”

Didn’t you say


If a typhoon comes, or if the weather is bad, you get a headache or feel unwell.


Weather sickness occurs because the autonomic nerves are disturbed due to sudden changes in atmospheric pressure, temperature, and humidity.



“Are you saying that a typhoon is inevitable, so my weather sickness can’t be helped?”

you may say.


Certainly, it is impossible with modern science to intentionally control typhoons.


But think about it.

Does the person next to you say he has a headache when a typhoon is coming?


Well, maybe you are saying that.

It is said that the number of potential patients of weather disease is 10 million people, so you may have friends.


However, there are overwhelmingly many people who do not have a headache when a typhoon comes.


Are people who do not have headaches not affected by the typhoon?

That’s not true.

Everyone is affected by the typhoon.

Birds, cats, dogs and even insects are affected.


So why do you have a headache and your friends are fine?

Is it because of your daily routine?



That’s right.


Because of your daily actions, I have a headache during the typhoon.


“You really are alive!”

You may get angry with me, but please listen to me.


To be precise, your daily physical condition is not good.


Your daily physical condition is just before the onset of a headache, so when a typhoon comes, you will have a headache.


For example, 100 points is the point at which headache occurs.

The impact of the typhoon on physical condition is given as 10 points.


If you live with a physical condition of 80 points every day, even if a typhoon comes, your score will only reach 90 points, so you won’t get a headache.


However, if you spend your days with a physical condition of 90 points or more, when a typhoon comes, it will exceed 100 points and you will suffer from headaches.


The important thing here is not to keep the score below 100 points after the typhoon hits, but how to reduce the points before the typhoon hits and keep away from headaches.


In other words, this point is bad.

Therefore, if you are in better physical condition than before the typhoon comes, the probability of getting a headache will decrease.


“Is there anything I can do to treat a headache even though I don’t have a headache?”


Headache comes from lack of blood flow in the brain.

The neck has the greatest impact on blood flow to the brain.


Especially when you look down, the blood flow in the brain decreases.

Studies have shown that a 20-degree downward tilt reduces blood flow to the brain by 40%.


Where are you looking at your smartphone or computer?

Are you looking down more than necessary?


Raise your smartphone to eye level.

Raise your computer to a position where you can see it just by putting a stand under it and lowering your line of sight.


If you try to spend a good posture in addition to this, you can prevent weather diseases with a considerable probability.


good posture

Place your palms on your waist.
Tighten the muscles on both sides of the spine just above the palm and arch the spine (I think this spine of yours is probably sticking out, but this spine is originally curved. there is).


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