Heart palpitations, anxiety, and panic disorder are three brothers of the heart|西船橋で鬱、自律神経失調症頭痛、めまい、不眠、いらいらなどでお悩みの方専門整体院

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Heart palpitations, anxiety, and panic disorder are three brothers of the heart

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What do you think when palpitations, anxiety, and panic disorder are said to be the three brothers of the heart?


“It is a such a fool!”

“I do not understand what it means!”

would say


Certainly, palpitations will be examined by a cardiologist, and anxiety and panic disorder will be examined by a psychiatrist or psychosomatic medicine.


I don’t think most people would accept it if I said that palpitations, which are physical problems, and anxiety and panic attacks, which are mental problems, are the same heart symptoms.


Western medicine has an absolute position in modern society.

In Western medicine, there is a clear distinction between physical problems and mental problems.


Cardiology, internal medicine, surgery, respiratory medicine, dermatology, etc.

Each one is further subdivided.


However, just a decade ago, there was a time when almost all diseases were examined at a town clinic.


And in Japan, there is an old saying, “Shinshin Ichinyo”.

The meaning of this word is that the mind and body are connected and cannot be separated.


Historically speaking, western medicine has only recently entered Japan.

Oriental thought, including mind and body unity, has an overwhelmingly longer period.


In Japan, there is a word that expresses the problem of the heart with the parts of the body since ancient times.


stuffy chest
chest pain
heart pounding
make sense


Among these, it can be said that it is the heart that represents the “chest”.


I think it’s understandable to say that palpitations are a heart problem.

What about anxiety and panic disorder?


Almost everyone with anxiety or panic disorder has heart palpitations.

So, what is the relationship between heart palpitations, anxiety, and panic disorder?


When you have heart palpitations, there is a fear somewhere in your heart that you might die.

That fear leads to a vague sense of insecurity.


Then, when you add to that vague feeling of anxiety, concrete worries such as “What if the train stops at this point?” or “What if I have a seizure here?”


This is why palpitations, anxiety and panic disorder are the three brothers of the heart.


In other words, these three symptoms will improve if the heart is improved.



How to improve your heart


Even if you say heart, you don’t improve the heart itself, but you improve the autonomic nerves of the heart.

This is because the autonomic nervous system drives the heart.


The autonomic nerves of the heart are located in the spine.


It is not well known, but when the spine is distorted, the autonomic nerves are also affected, and the autonomic nerves are out of sync.

And the spine is distorted because the posture is bad.


What posture do you have during the day?


“I didn’t care”

“I think I have a bad attitude”


I think almost all people who suffer from some kind of symptoms have a problem with their posture.

From today onwards, live your life with good posture.


good posture

Place your palms on your waist.
Tighten the muscles on both sides of the spine just above the palm and arch the spine (I think this spine of yours is probably sticking out, but this spine is originally curved. there is).


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