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Is Panic Disorder Cardiac Autonomic Dysfunction? !

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“Panic disorder is cardiac autonomic imbalance?”

“Never heard of that!”


most people would say.


Panic disorder is considered a mental illness in the world.

So, if you know that you have a panic disorder, you will go to a psychosomatic medicine or psychiatrist and receive medication.


When it comes to medication treatment, stabilizers and anti-anxiety drugs are prescribed.

However, tranquilizers and anti-anxiety drugs are not cures.


Then, what kind of medicine is it? It is a medicine that makes it difficult to feel anxious.

It’s just obfuscating the anxious mind with a stabilizer.


The aim is for the patient to go into remission naturally while the drug is working.

I think it’s good for people who can heal naturally.

However, in reality, there are many people who have a hard time every day because the medicine does not work.


“Isn’t there a way to heal from the root instead of such a deceiving medicine?”


For that, you need to know the root cause of panic disorder.


The root cause of panic disorder is in the heart.

Because almost everyone with panic disorder has heart palpitations.


The heart works by the action of the autonomic nervous system.

Palpitations are caused by the weakening of the autonomic nerves of the heart.


When heart palpitations occur, somewhere in the heart there is an uneasiness that says, “I might die.”

This leads to a vague sense of insecurity.


To this feeling of anxiety, add specific worries such as “What if the elevator stops like this?”, “What if the train stops like this?” Panic disorder is when you push yourself until you have a panic attack.


However, the root of this problem is “cardiac autonomic ataxia,” in which the autonomic nerves of the heart become weak.




A true cure for panic disorder

It’s not about taking tranquilizers or anti-anxiety drugs.

It is to cure “cardiac autonomic imbalance.”


but you

“What is the autonomic nervous system of the heart?”

That’s what I’d say.


Because I don’t know what the autonomic nervous system is.


It is repeated various examinations, and if there is no abnormality as a result, the doctor will

“Is it the autonomic nervous system?”

Because it makes me feel unidentified.


But the autonomic nerve is real lol.


where is it

in the spine.


It can also be said that the autonomic nerve = the spine.


Then why does the autonomic nervous system become imbalanced?

because the spine is distorted



A way to restore the autonomic nervous system of the heart is to straighten the spine.

The first shortcut is

stay in good shape

It’s a matter.


Here’s how to have good posture.

good posture

Place your palms on your waist.
Tighten the muscles on both sides of the spine just above the palm and arch the spine (I think this spine of yours is probably sticking out, but this spine is originally curved. there is).

By continuing this posture, the autonomic nervous system of the heart recovers and the panic disorder improves in an early stage.


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