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Does it take a year to recover from a strained back?

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“A friend of mine said it took him a year to heal from his strained back.”


They said.

It is impossible for me.


In addition to this, it is unthinkable for me that it takes half a year or a year for things like creased sleep and sudden knee pain.


“But I also had a sudden back injury a year ago, and I’ve been going to orthopedics frequently for a year, but it’s not getting better.”

“My friend feels the same way, isn’t this normal?”


I declare

Not normal!


A strained back is different from normal chronic back pain.

Some people go to orthopedics for years with chronic back pain, and that’s normal.

Well, it doesn’t take that long at our hospital, but…


However, a strained back does not take months.

It’s because my strained back is injured.



“Is a strained back an injury?”

You may say, but most of the things that suddenly hurt are injuries.


Medically, it is also called ′′ Lumbar Sprain ′′ so it is an injury.


An injury means that there is an invisible wound.

I had several small scars on the muscles under my skin that I couldn’t see.


So I have a question for you.

“Have you ever had an injury that didn’t heal?”

“Have you ever had an injury that took a year to heal?”


Most people should answer “no”.


Another question.

“What do you do to heal your injuries?”


For example, what would you do if you got a scrape on your arm?

“Put a band-aid on it and leave it alone.”

“Do not touch as much as possible”


That’s right.

At least you shouldn’t rub or pull.


This is why your strained back is slow to heal.


It’s because you’re doing unnecessary things that you can’t recover from a strained back.


As mentioned above, a strained back is an injury.

Even though it’s an injury, I massage the painful area, apply electricity, heat it in the sauna, and do muscle training, so it doesn’t heal easily.


Even if you don’t do anything, your injuries will heal little by little every day.


For example, let’s say that at the moment you hurt your back, you have five scars on the muscle under the skin.

But it’s a wound, so it’s going to close up little by little every day.


Assuming that one wound heals a day if left alone, all wounds will be closed and healed in five days.

However, if you massage or stretch the wound and open the mouth again, it will return to its original state.


I repeat this every day, so I can’t get enough of it.


If you have a sore back that can’t be cured, please stop doing unnecessary things from today and spend your time paying attention to the posture described below.


After a week, you should feel much better.


good posture

Place your palms on your waist.
Tighten the muscles on both sides of the spine just above the palm and arch the spine (I think this spine of yours is probably sticking out, but this spine is originally curved. there is).


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