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how to unclog throat

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Some people complain of a stuffy throat.


“If it’s a clogged throat, isn’t it a pharyngologist?”

You may say that, but people who have been diagnosed with no abnormalities at the hospital visit our clinic.


What exactly is a clogged throat that was diagnosed as normal at the hospital?




how to unclog throat

1. Neck improvement



“What does a stuffy throat have to do with your neck?”

You might say that, but it’s very relevant.


Behind the throat is the neck.


The front is the throat and the back is the neck.

That’s why the throat and neck are two sides of the same coin.


A bad neck can affect the condition of your throat.


In this case, one of the causes of clogged throat is “straight neck”.


A straight neck refers to a state in which the neck has no longer warped forward and has grown like a stick.


As the neck stretches, so does the throat.

As a result, throat congestion occurs.


So how can a straight neck be improved?


How to improve straight neck

①Don’t look down


Looking down eliminates the forward bow of the neck.

However, if you face the front immediately, the forward curvature will be restored.


However, if you keep looking down for a long time, even if you return to the front, you will not be able to return to the original position.

If you keep doing that for a long period of time, eventually the front curve will disappear completely and you will have a straight neck.


Please live your life without looking down as much as possible.


“I can’t live without looking down”

Many people say that.


what is the reason you look down?





If you put the computer in the computer stand and raise it about 5 cm, you will be able to see the bottom just by looking at it.


Try to raise your book or smartphone as close to your line of sight as possible.


How to improve straight neck

② Good posture


The neck rests on the spine and pelvis below it.

No matter how much you improve your neck, if your spine and pelvis under it are distorted, it won’t be very effective.


Spend every day with good posture.


good posture

Place your palms on your waist.
Tighten the muscles on both sides of the spine just above the palm and arch the spine (I think this spine of yours is probably sticking out, but this spine is originally curved. there is).



how to unclog throat

Second, don’t clear your throat


Some people who complain of a stuffy throat frequently clear their throats.


It’s probably because it makes you feel like your throat is clogged, but this has the opposite effect.


I have something like phlegm stuck to my throat, so I clear it by clearing my throat, but this is like removing the scab from a wound that is still healing.


Doing this will keep repeating the same thing.

Please refrain from clearing your throat and swallow if you are concerned.


院長 宮島信広