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How to get rid of brain fatigue

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Are you tired every day?


“I often go to massages, but I can’t get rid of my fatigue…”

“I use it in the bathtub and stretch, but it doesn’t change much…”


Your fatigue may come from “brain fatigue”.


“Brain fatigue?”

“But what I’m feeling is physical fatigue?”


Where do you feel your fatigue?

“Is it the waist?”

“Well, I feel it with my whole body.”



Your fatigue is felt in your brain.


It is always the brain that feels and thinks.


If you have seen the movie The Matrix, you may remember this, but when asked, “Where do you feel that food is delicious?” It was a very fresh impression for me at the time.


Again, it’s the brain, not the body, that feels all the fatigue.


What if that brain is tired?


Especially if massage and stretching don’t work, it could be brain fatigue.


“I know how to get rid of physical fatigue, but what should I do about brain fatigue?”


Now let me tell you how to get rid of brain fatigue.



How to get rid of brain fatigue

1. Don’t look down


Brain fatigue is caused by overuse of the brain, and the degree of overuse depends on the amount of blood flow and oxygen.


Naturally, if the blood flow in the brain is low, even a small load will be overused and the brain will get tired.


Studies have shown that a 20-degree downward tilt reduces blood flow to the brain by 40%.


20 degrees is 40%, right?

You’re pointing down more than that, right?


To say, the root of your brain fatigue is looking down.


Don’t look down.


“Even if you say that, it’s a desk job, so I can’t help but look down.”

you might say.


When I went shopping at IKEA the other day, there were many computer stands on display.


Is this because many people are conscious that “looking down is tiring”? I thought.


That’s right.

Just raise what you’re using.


If you are using a personal computer, insert the personal computer stand and raise it by about 5 centimeters.


Raise the smartphone close to your face and operate it.




How to get rid of brain fatigue

② Spending time with good posture


At home, the skull, which is the container for the brain, is the roof.

The pillars and foundations are the spine and pelvis.


There is no carpenter who doesn’t think about the foundation even though the roof is crumbling.


In order to improve the skull, it is essential to improve the pelvis and spine.


It’s effective to spend it with a good posture.

Spend every day with good posture.


good posture

Place your palms on your waist.
Tighten the muscles on both sides of the spine just above the palm and arch the spine (I think this spine of yours is probably sticking out, but this spine is originally curved. there is).

Let’s practice the above and fundamentally improve brain fatigue!


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