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The lie that if you sleep, you will be cured

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“Sleep and you’ll be fine”


It is often said.

It’s true that most things get better with sleep.


Even a cold will get better if you sleep for a few days.

A wound from a fall will heal in a week.


However, there are some symptoms that do not go away with sleep.

On the contrary, sleeping all the time makes it worse.


Mental illnesses such as depression, panic disorder, and anxiety.


“I’m depressed and recuperating at home, but when it’s hard, I sleep, but what’s the problem?”

“It’s comfortable when I’m sleeping.”


I think there are many people who say.


Certainly, I think that people who are depressed and are recuperating at home are relaxing at home.

Anxiety people also find relief while sleeping.


A good night’s sleep is necessary for healing.

However, if you just sleep during the day because it’s painful, the symptoms will get worse little by little.




Is it a lie that it heals when you sleep? !

(1) Decline in morale


The reason why it gets worse when you sleep all day is as follows.

I’m sleeping because it hurts when I’m awake
If you sleep all the time, your muscles will fall.
Losing muscle makes it harder to stay awake
sleeping all day long
If you sleep all the time, your energy will drop and you won’t be motivated to do anything
mental health worsens
That’s what I said.


If your energy drops, you won’t feel like saying, “Let’s fix it!”




Is it a lie that if you sleep, you will be cured? !

(2) Decline in autonomic nerves


Didn’t your body get heavy when you were lying around at home because you didn’t have any plans for consecutive holidays?


“I’m so tired”

Didn’t you say something like that?


Isn’t it strange to get tired without doing anything?

Actually, this is not because I am tired, but because my autonomic nerves have weakened.


“Will the autonomic nerves weaken?”

“Is there such a thing?”


It is not well known, but the autonomic nervous system can become stronger or weaker.


The autonomic nervous system is divided into the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system.

To say that the autonomic nerves become stronger or weaker means that the sympathetic nerves and parasympathetic nerves are stronger or weaker.


The sympathetic nerve becomes stronger when you move your body during the day.

Then at night, the recoil will increase the parasympathetic nerves and you will be able to sleep well.


Since the parasympathetic nerve follows the sympathetic nerve, the parasympathetic nerve does not rise unless the sympathetic nerve is raised.


So what happens if you just sleep during the day?

Of course, the sympathetic nerve does not go up.

As a result, the parasympathetic nerves at night do not rise, so the body does not recover much even after sleeping.


It is important to sleep during the day only when it is really hard, and to get up and move your body as much as possible in order to cure mental illness.

By doing so, the quality of sleep at night will also improve, and it will improve with the 1th of the day.


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