3 things your child with orthostatic hypotension should not do|西船橋で鬱、自律神経失調症頭痛、めまい、不眠、いらいらなどでお悩みの方専門整体院

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3 things your child with orthostatic hypotension should not do

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Many children with orthostatic hypotension come to our clinic.


Orthostatic hypotension is a condition in which the blood pressure does not rise in the morning, making it difficult to wake up.

It is an autonomic neuropathy that mainly affects adolescents.


Some children come to the hospital soon after the onset of orthostatic hypotension, but many children with orthostatic hypotension wait months, even a year or more before coming to the hospital.


That’s why I went to a psychiatrist first.

Then, even after being treated for a while, there was no effect, so I searched for it on the Internet and visited.


After a certain period of time, the “incurable” characteristics of children with orthostatic hypotension begin to appear.

If this is not resolved, orthostatic hypotension will not improve early.


So what is it that hinders the healing of orthostatic hypotension?



3 things your child with orthostatic hypotension should not do

1. Stay on the bed


For children with prolonged orthostatic hypotension

“Where are you usually?”

when I hear

“on the bed”

There are many children who answer

It seems that it is because it can lie down immediately when it is hard.


But this is one reason why orthostatic hypotension persists.


After waking up around noon and eating lunch, I immediately go to my room and sit on the bed.

Then I lie down.

When you lie down a lot, what is happening becomes troublesome.


Then you will be sleeping most of the time except when you eat rice.

If you lie on the bed, you will soon become sleepy and fall asleep.


As a result, you will sleep later at night and wake up later in the morning.


Do not use your bed except when you sleep at night, and try to spend as much time as possible in the living room.



3 things your child with orthostatic hypotension should not do

2. Bring your smartphone to bed


Children with orthostatic hypotension cannot get up in the morning.

If you wake up around noon, you won’t feel sleepy for a while after going to bed at night.


Then I have free time until I sleep, so I start fiddling with my smartphone to kill time.

You can enjoy what you like, such as YouTube, anime, and manga, without anyone telling you anything.


It’s fun all night long, so I can’t sleep because I’m extra awake.

As a result, the time to sleep is closer to dawn, and it becomes more difficult to wake up in the morning.


“Please don’t bring your smartphone to bed.”

and I tell my parents

“Because it’s pathetic…”

Some say.


But think about it.

Which is more pitiful, not letting them use their smartphones in the middle of the night or not being able to go to school all the time?




3 things your child with orthostatic hypotension should not do

3. Overdo it


“I’m going to club activities in the afternoon.”

Some children say.


“How are you feeling after you get home?”

“I’m tired and I’m sleeping”


This is actually overkill.


Children with orthostatic hypotension have weakened autonomic nerves of the heart, so they cannot force themselves.

Even if you used to do club activities normally, if you move in the same way, you will soon become overworked.


The guideline is “not exhausted after returning”.

Please try not to overdo it.


院長 宮島信広