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Back pain… the right way to deal with it

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Occasionally from our patients

“I hurt my back, can I make a reservation?”

and phone.


Gikkuri waist suddenly attacks without warning even if the usual condition is good.


In the past, I used to suffer from my lower back quite often.


It was a few years ago, but at that time

“Why is your back so stiff?”

“Why can’t you heal?”

I didn’t know, so I couldn’t prevent it, and I couldn’t recover early.



Back pain… the right way to deal with it


As a workaround at the time

Where should I press for pain relief?
Where should I stretch to make it easier?
How can I get rid of the pain?
It was all about saying.


However, the most important thing to do as a way to deal with gikkiri waist is

“Don’t make things worse”

That’s it.



“The most important thing is how to improve your tight back, right?”

would say


Certainly as a way to deal with back pain in the world

‘Immediately better’


“In no time the pain was gone”

Such information is famous.


Information like this is easy to navigate.


Until 10 years ago, my ideal was to cure it in one shot.


However, I had a stiff back and received various treatments, but such a miraculous event did not occur.


The back pain that I had suffered for many years was cured in one go! I wrote a blog saying, but it’s because it’s chronic back pain.


“It seems difficult to heal chronic back pain that I have suffered for many years in one go.”

You might think that.

Well, most people don’t get cured in one go, but…


So why can’t the back pain be cured in one session?


that is

Because my back is injured



When my back suddenly hurts, I can’t see it on the surface, but I have a small wound on my internal muscles and tendons.

The wound opens up every time you twist your body or bend forward, causing pain.



If you fall and hurt your arm, is there anyone who can heal that wound right now?


Even if the doctor sutures it well, it doesn’t mean the wound is healed.


Gikkuri waist is such a state.


That’s why the best option is not to panic or make noise if you have a stiff back, but to leave it alone so that the wound doesn’t spread any further.


As a way to deal with back pain

ice the painful area
avoid painful movements

You tend to stretch and rub the painful areas.

Have you ever picked up something that had just fallen down and injured your back again?

You warm yourself up in the bath, don’t you?


If you repeat these on a daily basis, you will slow down the recovery of your back.


and one more important thing

Learn how to use your body while your back hurts

That’s what it means.


“It hurts when I bend over.”

“It hurts when I reach out and pick things up.”


If so, don’t bend over.

Get in the habit of bending your knees and not bending your back when picking up something below.


If it hurts to reach out and grab something, move closer so you don’t have to reach for it.


A lot of gikkuri waist happens when you’re lying down.


Use your legs, not your hips
Don’t bend your waist even 1mm
Hold objects as close to the body as possible
If you pay attention to at least these three points, the probability of having a stiff back will decrease considerably in the future.


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