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What not to do when you are mentally depressed

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how are you all the time


If you say you’re fine every day, there’s nothing better than this.


However, depending on the person, there are ups and downs in the mind and body.

There are good times and bad times.


If your body is not feeling well, you should be able to recover if you take enough rest.

But if you’re mentally down, you have to find out what’s causing it.

This is because, in the case of mental health, resting does not necessarily mean recovery.


If the cause of your mental decline is interpersonal relationships, changing your workplace or keeping a distance from the person with the problem is one of the solutions to the problem.


“It’s not that easy”


It is true that it is not easy to fundamentally improve interpersonal relationships.


In this blog, I will explain how people who are mentally exhausted from interpersonal relationships will not lose their mental state after returning home.



What not to do when you are mentally depressed

Part 1. Check SNS to kill time


Most people are looking at their smartphones on the train.

Even if you ask people with depression, they say that they spend a lot of time looking at their smartphones during the day.


I don’t care about that.

But I don’t recommend watching SNS all day.


“I was feeling depressed after watching SNS for a long time…”

“When I saw SNS, I became sad…”


Anyone can easily send information on SNS.

Everyone will send out about one news all together, so you will see the same news many times.


If the news is “a baby panda was born”, it would be a happy thing, but unfortunately, sad news, unfortunate events, unfair news, etc. tend to be actively disseminated on SNS.


How do you feel when you watch news such as “politician corruption”, “accidents”, “murder cases”, “bullying problems” every day?


Especially when you’re mentally depressed, if you’re exposed to this kind of information for hours, your mentality will be even more depressed.


Also, depending on the SNS, I post personal sparkling daily life.


It would be nice if you could look at it and think, “Congratulations,” “You look like you’re always having fun.” I wonder if it’s going to be a negative feeling, and it leads to a lower mental.


Don’t look at SNS for hours, stop looking when you can know a certain amount of information.


Most people look at SNS for “killing time”.

Find something else to pass the time.

cartoons or novels.



What not to do when you are mentally depressed

Part 2: Keep sitting


Many people who are mentally depressed have desk work.

Even if you are a housewife, you spend most of your day sitting.

It is rare for a person with a temperamental system to come to the hospital for depression.


Sitting seems to be easy at first glance, but it has various negative effects on the mind and body.


I can’t use my legs, so my blood pressure goes up.

For the same reason, the blood flow to the brain is also poor.

I don’t use my body, so the balance of autonomic nerves is also going to be bad.


“But I’m tired from work, but I want to sit down.”

You may say, but it is your brain that is tired.


I didn’t use my lower body, which accounts for 70% of my muscles, so I wasn’t tired.


If you sit and look at your smartphone, try standing.

Try walking around the house and swinging your legs once in a while.


most people

“It doesn’t bother me when it’s moving”

Is called.

If you use your body, your mental will be easier to rise.


It is also recommended to get off the train one station before and walk home.


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