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Image power to make you healthy

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“I think it’s bad for my body…”


It’s a word we hear often.


a person who smokes

“I don’t think it’s good, but I can’t stop…”


someone drinking alcohol

“When I think about my body, I think I have to stop, but I can’t.”



Are you saying the same thing?

“I think it’s bad, but I can’t stop”

“I feel like I’m no good, but I keep going.”


This is actually the worst.


I’m fine

“Sensei, what should I eat?”

“How much alcohol can I drink?”

I am asked.


my answer is fixed

“Do as you like”



I think it’s okay to eat basically anything.


Of course, we tell them to avoid eating wheat while checking the condition of their stomachs.

If it’s the same price range, I choose things that don’t contain chemical seasonings as much as possible.


However, it is not fundamentally restricted.

I eat ramen, and I eat hamburgers.


There are contradictory theories when studying various diets.

Eat it raw, not raw.

No meat, eat meat.



There are various diets because they are effective.



“Why are opposites effective?”

You might think so, but each is effective.




that is

because I am convinced

That’s it.


When eating ramen or hamburgers

“It’s delicious, but it looks bad for you.”

I don’t eat it thinking.


“It was delicious!”

I agree and eat.


when drinking

“Sake is the ultimate energy drink”


“A drink that makes you super positive”

I’m drinking thinking


Of course, you shouldn’t drink enough to damage your body.

“It’s bad for your body, isn’t it?”

Drinking with that in mind is the same as drinking while imagining a disease.


I’m imagining getting sick while drinking alcohol every day.


It feels really bad.


“It’s hard to imagine saying that.”

If you say that, when you eat anyway


Please declare

It’s okay in my heart.


“Is that enough?”


I think there were various situations when you said “delicious!”, but there shouldn’t be a single bad image.


Similarly, there is no bad image in the word “fun!”


What image do you associate with the word “fun!”?

Summer vacation as a child?

Is this your first time traveling abroad?


In addition, if you actively use phrases such as “I’m happy” and “Thank you!”, your consciousness will be filled with positive images.


If your consciousness is filled with good images every day, the state of your brain and autonomic nerves will improve and your physical condition will improve.


院長 宮島信広