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I’m depressed and tired, so I’m sleeping… Is this the correct answer?

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“I sleep at home most of the time…”


He is so depressed that he sleeps all day.

It’s hot and I’m going to sleep.


Probably most people do, right?


that is

“Sleep and heal”

Because I think


Your body actually heals only while you sleep.

While you sleep, various hormones work to regenerate cells and heal.


However, most people who sleep all day

“I don’t feel like doing anything…”

“I’m feeling down and can’t get up…”

Is called.


If you can get better if you sleep, wouldn’t it be good for you to get well soon?

However, the opposite phenomenon is actually occurring.


The more I sleep, the less energy I have and the less motivated I am to do anything.

The more I sleep, the less energetic I become.

The more I sleep, the more depressed I become.


Point out your misunderstanding here.

that is

Sleep heals only injuries and colds

That’s what I mean.


It has the opposite effect on mental illnesses such as depression.


Depression develops when the autonomic nervous system is out of balance.

Autonomic balance refers to the balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves.



“Then it might be effective to make the parasympathetic nervous system dominant by relaxing at home?”

You may think so, but actually it is not.


Certainly, depression develops because the sympathetic nervous system becomes dominant due to work stress.

If you sleep all day long, your parasympathetic nervous system will take over.


In fact, it is not well known, but the parasympathetic nerve does not dominate over the sympathetic nerve.


In other words, if the sympathetic nerves are not increased during the day, the parasympathetic nerves during the night will not be too high.


On the other hand, if you can keep your sympathetic nervous system high during the day, you can keep your parasympathetic nervous system high during the night.


What would happen if you slept all day?

Of course, the sympathetic nervous system does not rise much during the day, so the parasympathetic nervous system does not rise much at night.


It only heals at night while you sleep, so your body won’t fully heal during the night and you’ll face the next day.


It is the balance of the autonomic nervous system that determines whether or not it is healthy, and how strong the autonomic nervous system is.


If you sleep all day long, your sympathetic nerves and parasympathetic nerves will become weaker and weaker.


The behavior of a person who sleeps all day looks like this:

sleep because it hurts
If you sleep all the time, your muscles will fall.
Losing muscle makes it harder to stay up
more time sleeping
If I sleep all the time, I will lose my energy
As a result, I end up sleeping all day
That’s what I said.


Try this:

feel the pain
Most of the time I feel pain when I’m sitting down, so get up and walk around the house.
Sit in a chair when you are calm
Before it gets too hot, try a different posture
Get up and do some exercise before it gets too hot.
Lie down when you can’t help it
But in about 5 minutes, get up and walk
That’s what I said.


As mentioned above, most of the times when you are depressed and painful are when you are sitting, so try not to sit too long.


Keep moving your body.

When you move your body, the sympathetic nerve increases.

And the recoil will also increase the parasympathetic nerves in the middle of the night.


As a result, when I sleep, my body will heal and my depression will improve day by day.


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