How to improve heart palpitations without going to the hospital|西船橋で鬱、自律神経失調症頭痛、めまい、不眠、いらいらなどでお悩みの方専門整体院

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How to improve heart palpitations without going to the hospital

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Surprisingly, there are many people with palpitations.


“I don’t really care if I’m not conscious”

“I have occasional heart palpitations, but not enough to go to the hospital.”


Certainly, even if you go to the hospital with such symptoms, you probably won’t find anything abnormal.


So it’s not a good idea to leave it as is.

The heart palpitations you have now may not lead to heart disease in the future.


Above all, the fact that you have palpitations is a message from your brain.


from the brain

“Not very good”

“Let’s improve now”

It is said.


So you should take some action before the symptoms progress too much.




How to improve heart palpitations without going to the hospital


What is palpitation like?


The heart is driven by the autonomic nervous system.

Palpitations are caused by the weakened autonomic nervous system of the heart.


Then, where is the autonomic nerve of the heart located?


The autonomic nerves of the heart are located in the spine.

Among them, it is centered on the first thoracic vertebra, which is the spine just below the neck.


When this bone is distorted, the output of the autonomic nerve of the heart becomes worse.

And if the distorted state continues for a long time, eventually the autonomic nerves of the heart will be out of order and palpitations will appear.


So what can I do to improve this thoracic vertebra number 1?



①Don’t look down


This 1st thoracic vertebra is the fulcrum that supports the head when looking down.

If you continue to face downward, a considerable load will be applied, and if this state continues for a long time, it will eventually become distorted.


Avoid looking down as much as possible.


“Even if you say that, you can’t work unless you look down.”

You may say that, but it depends on the ingenuity.


Many people use a personal computer, but with a desktop, you can work without looking down.


What about laptops?

Since the screen is at the bottom, you will inevitably face down.


Please put in the computer table.

Try to raise it by at least 5 cm.

Even with this alone, if you lower your eyes, you will be able to use your computer without looking down.


Please raise your smartphone as close to your line of sight as possible.


The other day, I found something like a desk to put on the desk at IKEA.

I thought that if I use this, I can study without getting tired.



② Spend time with good posture


I said that the autonomic nerve of the heart comes out from the first thoracic vertebrae, but in the first place, the foundation of the first thoracic vertebrae is the spine and the pelvis.


“If the foundation is distorted, the roof will be distorted”

If the pelvis, which is the foundation, and the spine above it are in good condition, the first thoracic vertebra will also be in good condition.


Spend as much time as possible in good posture.


good posture

Place your palms on your waist.
Tighten the muscles on both sides of the spine just above the palm and arch the spine (I think this spine of yours is probably sticking out, but this spine is originally curved. there is).


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