I can't wake up in the morning, maybe it's orthostatic hypotension?|西船橋で鬱、自律神経失調症頭痛、めまい、不眠、いらいらなどでお悩みの方専門整体院

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I can’t wake up in the morning, maybe it’s orthostatic hypotension?

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Is your child getting up well in the morning?


“For some reason, it doesn’t happen very often these days…”

“In the morning, he starts saying that he has a headache…”



“Maybe my child doesn’t want to go to school?”

You may think.


A child who is being bullied does not always tell her parents about it.

It would be better to find out if there is a bullying problem.


In this case, it seems that there is often no point in asking the school.

Ask your child’s best friends or their mothers.


However, if nothing goes wrong, your child may have orthostatic hypotension.


Orthostatic hypotension is becoming a major problem in recent years, but there are still some aspects that are not well known.


Talk to your school teacher

“Better go to a psychiatrist”

Some people say.


Even if you talk to the owner

“You’re lazy! You’re sloppy!”

And sometimes it’s over.



“I suspect orthostatic hypotension. Please investigate.”

Please check it out at the hospital.


The diagnosis of orthostatic hypotension is made by measuring the blood pressure while sleeping and then taking the blood pressure when awake, and looking at the difference in blood pressure.


It’s not a difficult decision, so is it orthostatic hypotension? If you feel that way, you should go to the hospital.


However, at the hospital, medication is the main treatment after that, so whether the medicine works or not depends on luck.


Some doctors say that orthostatic hypotension is a disease peculiar to puberty, so it can’t be helped for a while.


But spending half of adolescence asleep is a big loss in life.

I would like to improve it as soon as possible.



Early improvement method for orthostatic hypotension


The first thing to watch out for is

do not overdo it



Forcing them to go to school, forcing them to eat, etc.

If you overdo it, your physical condition will deteriorate significantly afterwards.


First of all, please watch over me until it is time to wake up.


after that

Do not let them live in a bed.


Many children with prolonged orthostatic hypotension spend most of their time in bed after waking up.


If you keep doing this, the day and night will be reversed.

This makes it very difficult to improve.


When he wakes up, let him come to the living room, sit tight, and let him do his thing.


If it is class time at school, let them study.

When they are able to move, send them to school.


And this is pretty important

Do not bring your smartphone to your bed when you go to bed.


I wake up late, so it’s natural, but I don’t get sleepy until late.


Since this time is free, I start bringing my smartphone to the bed to kill time.


Then, you can enjoy your smartphone life all night without being disturbed by anyone, so it will be fun to sleep at dawn.


Then, as a matter of course, the time to wake up will be past noon.


You can’t control when you wake up in the morning, but you can control when you go to bed.


You will be a little strict with your child, but please do your best to think that it is for your child.


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