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What is the real cause of dizziness?

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What Causes Your Dizziness?


“I was examined at the hospital, but they said there was nothing wrong.”


Many people who visit the hospital with dizziness

“There is nothing wrong”

It is said that.


It was good to say that there is no abnormality because it means that it is not a disease.


However, even after undergoing various tests, they still say “there is nothing wrong”.


sometimes in

“Is it because the shape of the otolith is bad?”

Some people say.



“Doctor, why are the otoliths in bad shape?”

when I hear

“It’s natural.”

It is said that.


I think it’s strange that I was born with dizziness now.


So what is the cause of your dizziness?



What is the real cause of dizziness?


There is a real cause of dizziness that most people don’t know about.


that is

straight neck



“What does dizziness have to do with a straight neck?”

“What is a straight neck anyway?”


A straight neck is when the curve of the neck is gone and the neck is straight.


A straight neck is “a lot of harm and no gain.”

Not a single good thing.


When it comes to a straight neck, blood flow through the neck gets worse.

Blood flow through the neck is blood flow to the brain.


The otolith, which is one of the three semicircular canals, floats in the lymph fluid.


The lymph fluid is affected by blood flow to the brain.

Poor flow of lymph in the semicircular canals.


X-rays and MRIs can see the shape in detail, but they cannot see the movement and flow.


Vertigo is more likely to be an abnormality of movement and flow rather than an abnormality of form.


In fact, if you improve your straight neck, sooner or later your dizziness will improve.


So how can straight necks be improved?


How to improve straight neck

don’t look down


When you look down, the warp of the neck disappears and it becomes straight.

If you return to the front immediately from this state, the curvature of the neck will be restored.


However, if you look down every day for more than an hour, it takes time to return to normal even if you face the front.


And if you look down again the next day in a state where you haven’t completely recovered, you’ll get even closer to a straight neck.


If you keep doing this every day, you will have a straight neck.


The most important thing is not to keep looking down.


why are you looking down?

computer work
smartphone operation
I read a book


When working on a computer, put the computer stand under the computer and raise it about 5 cm.


If you raise your smartphone or book close to your line of sight, you won’t have to look down.


When you study, make a table with notebooks, books, etc. on your desk so that you can study just by lowering your eyes.


Cooking takes a long time to prepare, so please sit down and cook during that time.


In addition to the above, try to live with a good posture.

good posture

Place your palms on your waist.
Tighten the muscles on both sides of the spine just above the palm and arch the spine (I think this spine of yours is probably sticking out, but this spine is originally curved. there is).


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