How to heal yourself from heart problems|西船橋で鬱、自律神経失調症頭痛、めまい、不眠、いらいらなどでお悩みの方専門整体院

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How to heal yourself from heart problems

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Some people have struggled with mental health issues for over 20 years.


He said he was going to a psychiatrist and was taking medication.


He said that he had been experiencing symptoms such as anxiety and panic for a long time, and as a result, he lost his appetite and lost weight.


After correcting my spine, I explained what I should be careful about in my daily life and went home.


It was my third visit today.


I did it with.


It is amazing to be able to say “I’m okay” in such a short period of time, over 20 years of bad condition.


Of course, correcting the spine is essential to improve the shortest mental disorder, but conversely, short-term improvement cannot be expected with this alone.


So how did you improve your mental health in such a short period of time?



How to heal yourself from heart problems

quit bad habits



“I want to get out of this bad situation as soon as possible.”

“I want to be better than I am now”

What do you do when you think


You look for ways to get better, or you search for good doctors, right?


Most people look for “what should I do?”


That’s good, of course, but there’s a faster way to get better.


that is

quit current bad habits

It’s a matter.


It was your past that made you who you are today.


To be more specific, what made you feel bad now is your “accumulation of lifestyle habits” in the past.


Bad physical condition is created by stacking bad lifestyle habits.

Please review your lifestyle.


“I don’t know what’s wrong with being vague”


Well, I’m going to introduce you to a bad lifestyle that makes the autonomic nerve worse.



Worst 1: Turn sofa armrests into pillows


Use the armrest of the sofa as a pillow to watch TV

・ Use the armrest of the sofa as a pillow to operate the smartphone

・ Doze off with the armrest of the sofa as a pillow


This habit significantly worsens the autonomic nervous system.

In particular, the autonomic nerves of the heart may deteriorate, leading to anxiety neurosis and panic disorder.


Please stop now.



Worst 2: Gym sitting


Unexpectedly, the gym sitting taught at school is ranked in the worst 2.


“Even though it’s recommended at school?!”

You will be surprised, but if you do this, your spine will be significantly distorted and you will have autonomic imbalance.


Autonomic nerves are located in the spine.

Distortion of the spine = autonomic nerve imbalance

I can also say.


In particular, the tailbone under the pelvis is distorted, so it may have adverse effects on the uterus and ovarian system, such as irregular menstruation.



Worst 3: Sleeping


When it’s hot, I often sleep.

Then the muscles fall and it becomes more difficult to stay awake, so you sleep more.

When you sleep a lot, you lose your energy, so you don’t feel like doing anything.


Fall into a negative spiral.


The source of all good is energy.

Without energy, nothing will start.


If you have any thoughts on the above, please stop today.

You will get better faster than you start anything today.


院長 宮島信広