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Will headaches go away if I continue to take painkillers?

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Is your headache getting better?


“I’ve been taking headache medicine since I was a kid.”

“I take headache medicine more often than I used to.”

That said, your headache doesn’t tend to go away.


Can headaches be cured by taking painkillers?


The answer is,,,,

First, it will not heal.


Headache medicine is not a cure.



“Even though it’s medicine, is it not effective?!”

You may be surprised, but the fact that there are many people who have been drinking it for many years is proof of that.


What are headache medicines?


100 points is the borderline where headaches occur.

As long as I’m at 85 or 95 points, I don’t get headaches.


However, when I reach 100 points, I get a headache.


For example, if you are at 105 points, you will suffer from headaches.

I’ll take some painkillers there.


It is not the case that headache medicine lowers the accumulated 105 points to 95 points where headache does not occur.


If the borderline 100 points is changed to 110 points, even if the current situation is 105 points, you will not feel a headache.


If you keep doing this, the day will come when you cross the 110 borderline.


Then the hospital will release a drug that will make the borderline 120.

If you continue to do that, the medicine will no longer work, and when you consult a hospital, they will say, “We can’t give you a stronger medicine.”


The important thing is to reduce the 105 points accumulated while taking the headache medicine to 103, 102, 101, etc. to fall below the 100 point borderline.


The point is to take action to cure the headache while the headache medicine is working.


So how do you get rid of headaches?



how to cure headache

don’t look down


Studies have shown that a 20-degree tilt of the head can reduce blood flow to the brain by 40%.

I think you’re actually looking down more.


Headaches are often caused by oxygen deprivation due to decreased blood flow in the brain.

In short, headache can be controlled by how much blood flow in the brain can be secured.


where are you looking at your phone

“It’s raised to eye level.”

There is no problem if you say so.


If you are looking straight down, please raise it to your line of sight.


Are you looking down while working on your computer?

“But it can’t be helped, can it?”



It’s looking down because it’s aligning you with the position of the computer.


Raise the position of the computer by about 5 centimeters.

You can buy a computer stand, or if you want to raise it immediately, you can put a tissue box under the computer.


By taking the above plus good posture, your headache will get better in the shortest time.


good posture

Place your palms on your waist.
Tighten the muscles on both sides of the spine just above the palm and arch the spine (I think this spine of yours is probably sticking out, but this spine is originally curved. there is).


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