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Are you eating protein?

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About 60% of humans are water.


Many people, myself included, recommend staying hydrated.

By the way, my daily water intake guideline is 35 ml of body weight.


I weigh 65 kg, so 65 x 35 ml is about 2.2 liters.

I drink 1 liter in the morning and 1 liter in the afternoon.


Are you consciously eating protein?


Protein is 20% of body weight.

I think that people who want to build muscle are consciously taking chicken and protein.


“I don’t want to put on that much muscle.”

“I don’t think I need more muscle”

You may be a little ignorant.


Protein isn’t just for building muscle.

The skin is also made of protein.


If you are a woman, do you take care of your skin?

Now some men do it too.


“Recently, wrinkles have become noticeable…”

“My skin is rough…”


If so, you may not be getting enough protein.


Autonomic nerves and hormones are also made of protein.


“Recently I get tired easily…”

“Even if I sleep, I can’t get rid of my fatigue…”

If so, it may be that the autonomic nerves are out of order due to lack of protein, or hormones are not working well.


Immune cells are also made of proteins.


“I’ve been catching colds a lot lately.”

“I have terrible allergies”

If you say, it may be that the lack of protein is weakening the immune system.


In addition to this, hair, brain and internal organs are also made of protein.


Bone is thought to be made of calcium, but calcium alone is just a hard substance.


If you compare it with reinforced concrete, calcium is concrete, and protein (collagen) plays the role of reinforcing bars, increasing the flexibility of bones.


Proteins are the building blocks of every part of the body.

However, Japanese people do not tend to eat too much protein.


That delicious side dish

“You can eat many times more rice with just this”

And it is a national character with a strong tendency to have white rice.

By the way, the protein intake of Japanese people is ranked 70th internationally (2019 survey).


“Even if you say that, if you eat a lot of meat, you’ll get fat…”

That said, the dieting young woman’s body is a little too skinny, and her body fat seems to be high.

This is due to the loss of muscle mass due to lack of protein.


Obesity tends to increase after middle age.

But look at those around you.

Isn’t there a lot of people who have thin limbs despite their belly sticking out?


This is because there are a lot of carbohydrates such as rice in spite of not taking much protein.


When I travel to Hawaii, I feel envious of the locals, who have big bellies and strong arms and legs.


There is also a national character, but when you eat in Hawaii

“I can’t eat so much meat”

It comes out as much as I say.

Since this is a tourist spot, I think the locals are eating more meat.


By the way, the United States, including Hawaii, has the 10th highest protein intake in the world.


Meat contains fat, so I think you have to be careful there.

Red meat if beef.

Pork is loin or fillet.


Chicken breast is recommended.

The amount of protein in 100 grams of chicken breast is as high as 23.3 grams.


It’s good to have a well-balanced intake of natto, soba, tofu, and fish.


If you can take protein well, your skin will be more glossy and in better shape than it is now.


Please be aware.


院長 宮島信広