3 worst lifestyle habits that invite autonomic imbalance|西船橋で鬱、自律神経失調症頭痛、めまい、不眠、いらいらなどでお悩みの方専門整体院

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3 worst lifestyle habits that invite autonomic imbalance

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How are you feeling now?



“Not good”

“I can’t let go of stabilizers because of my anxiety.”

“I take an anti-inflammatory every day because of reflux esophagitis.”

“I’m depressed and I’m recuperating at home.”

if it says

because of your bad habits



It has been a long time since diabetes and cancer were said to be lifestyle-related diseases, but diabetes and cancer are not the only causes of lifestyle-related diseases.


head hurts,,,

my stomach hurts

can not sleep,,,

I’m worried everyday



Almost all the symptoms you are suffering from come from your lifestyle.


Your head hurts because your lifestyle is bad.

I can’t sleep because your lifestyle is bad.

Because your lifestyle is bad, you have reflux esophagitis.

I became depressed because your lifestyle is bad.


Except for viral diseases, most diseases come from the accumulation of your lifestyle habits.


In other words, if you continue to have the same lifestyle as before, you will almost certainly suffer from the same symptoms in the future.


By all means you should understand this.



“Oh, is that so?”

Even if you understand, I don’t think you know where to improve your painful symptoms.


In this blog, I would like to inform you which lifestyle habits are causing your painful symptoms.




Lifestyle habits that invite autonomic imbalance

Turn the armrests of the worst 1 sofa into pillows


Are you using the armrests of your sofa as pillows?


You can use the armrests of the sofa as pillows and watch TV.

Use the armrest of the sofa as a pillow to operate your smartphone.

Dozing off with the armrest of the sofa as a pillow…


This lifestyle has a high probability of disturbing your autonomic nerves.

Personally, it’s the worst of bad lifestyle habits.


There is nothing good in doing this.

It is a major cause of straight neck, stiff shoulders, palpitations, anxiety neurosis, panic disorder, reflux esophagitis, and headaches.


Please stop now.




Lifestyle habits that invite autonomic imbalance

Worst 2 gym sitting


There are some people who have been sitting in gymnasiums since childhood and continue to do so even when they grow up.


What’s wrong with this is that the physiological curvature of the spine is almost gone.


This causes a decline in visceral functions such as anorexia, reflux esophagitis, indigestion, and constipation.


And the biggest problem is that the tailbone under the pelvis is pushed and distorted.


This causes severe menstrual cramps and irregular menstruation in women.




Lifestyle habits that invite autonomic imbalance

Worst 3 lie down


Lie down immediately when it’s hard

The only things that can be cured by doing this are colds and injuries.


Especially for chronic ones, it is not good even if you sleep.


If you say what happens when you sleep because it’s painful

i’m sleeping because i’m sick
muscle loss when sleeping
It makes what’s happening even more difficult
sleeping more often
We lose energy when we sleep
no motivation to do anything
If you continue to do this, you will fall into mental illness such as low energy, insomnia, and depression.


Don’t go to bed right away and get up or do some exercise, even if it’s painful.


Most depressed people rest too much.

Feelings are made to go up when you move your body.


Keep moving your body.


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