Three things people with panic disorder shouldn't do|西船橋で鬱、自律神経失調症頭痛、めまい、不眠、いらいらなどでお悩みの方専門整体院

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Three things people with panic disorder shouldn’t do

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“I am absent from work due to panic disorder.”


People with depression or panic disorder get home care when they get worse.


When you think of home recuperation, the image is that you “spend time at home”.


In fact, most people with panic disorder who are at home are relaxing at home.

Is this the correct answer?


You surely

“Because it’s a home recuperation, it’s probably a good idea to take a good rest at home.”

Will say.


Is it really good to relax at home?



Three things people with panic disorder shouldn’t do

Part 1 leisurely


“If you don’t take it easy, there’s no point in home care!”

You may get angry.


To be precise, it’s okay to take it easy

Don’t sleep.


“I’m sleeping when it’s hard”

To those who say

“How long have you slept?”

When asked

“Most of the day”

It is said that.


When I sleep, I don’t have the painful symptoms of panic disorder, so at first glance it seems like I’m doing the right thing, but when I look back after a month or two,

“Last month, I’m not feeling better than last month …”

It has become.


Why does sleeping worsen panic disorder?


It’s natural to sleep, but muscles fall.

Then it will be harder to do more than ever.


Then you will have more time to sleep.

If you sleep a lot, you will feel weak.

You will not be motivated to do anything, and you will not be motivated to cure it.


Get up as much as you can.

If you feel sick while sitting, try standing up and wandering instead of going to bed right away.


Anxiety can be relieved by moving your body.

It doesn’t matter if you step on it or do gymnastics, so please move.




Three things people with panic disorder shouldn’t do

Part 2 Overdo it


On the contrary, some people “do their best”.


“I ran to improve my strength.”

“I started going to the gym”


This may seem good at first glance, but for people who are sick due to panic disorder, trying too hard can be poisonous to the body.


What happens if I try too hard? When I get home, I feel sick and fall asleep after that.

Obviously overwork.


People with panic disorder have weakened autonomic nerves in the heart, so high-intensity exercise can cause the heart to take root, resulting in illness.


It’s best to refrain from exercising that is painful and requires you to open your mouth and breathe.


Walking is recommended for exercise.

Even now in summer, it’s cool early in the morning so you can walk comfortably.



Three things people with panic disorder shouldn’t do

Part ③ Use the armrest of the sofa as a pillow


Isn’t the armrest of the sofa a pillow?


Watch TV with the armrests on the sofa as pillows.

Operate your smartphone with the armrests of the sofa as pillows.

Take a nap with the armrests on the sofa as pillows.


This habit puts a great deal of strain on the autonomic nerves of the heart, which is the source of panic disorder.


I assert that as long as I do this, my panic disorder will not improve.


Stop from this moment now!


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