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How to deal with weakness in summer …

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“It’s getting weaker every summer …”


Don’t you remember?


“In the old days, I was so happy when summer came.”

“I couldn’t wait for summer when I was young.”


Certainly, when I was a kid, I remember counting the number of summer vacations coming.



“Do I have to endure this heat for more than two months?”

“It’s too hot and I don’t feel like doing anything.”

Not one or two people are saying that.


I think there are many people who are gradually getting weaker in the summer.


How many years ago did you last go to the sea?

When did you remember playing in the park in the summer?


It gets weaker in the summer … This is something that can’t be helped to some extent.


In fact, it’s hotter than when I was a kid.

There is a risk of heat stroke if you play outside on days when the temperature exceeds 35 degrees.


Besides, when I was a kid, few homes had air conditioners, so I was immune to the heat.

That doesn’t mean you can’t stop the cool air conditioner now.


Then, is it unavoidable that it gets weaker every summer?



Reasons for weakening in summer year by year


I think this is largely due to the spread of air conditioners as mentioned above.


But that’s not the only reason why it gets weaker every summer.


The reason why it gets weaker every summer …

Because the autonomic nerves are getting weaker year by year



Although it is not well known, the function of the autonomic nerves gradually declines with the years.


The function of the autonomic nerves … In this case, specifically, it is the “power to release heat to the outside of the body.”


When it feels “hot”, it automatically opens pores, dilates capillaries, and sweats out to release heat from the body and lower the body temperature.


The autonomic nerves do these things automatically.


When the autonomic nerves are weakened, even if you feel “hot”, you may not sweat easily, and the heat will continue to stay in your body.

As a result, you may or may not be able to tolerate the heat, even if you do not have a heat stroke.

And he says, “It gets weaker every summer.”



“But if it’s because of my age, it can’t be helped?”

You might say.


Certainly, you may not be able to enjoy summer as you did when you were a kid.

However, if you become more resistant to the heat than you are now, you may be able to spend a little more fun in the summer.



How to get stronger in summer


that is

To train the autonomic nerves



“Can the autonomic nerves be trained like muscles?”


You can train.

Specifically, you can train by “sweat well”.


Sweat is also one of the abilities.

This ability cannot be trained even if you stay in a cool room.


However, it is not good for you to be exposed to the summer sun frequently.


If possible, try walking outside until the sweat gushes out in the morning.

Doing so will make it easier for you to sweat.


It’s already hot, but if possible, it will be a “summer body” if you leave it in the early summer.

If you have a constitution that makes you sweat easily, it will be harder for heat to stay in your body, so it will become stronger in the summer.


Of course, please drink enough water before proceeding.

It is recommended to do it about once a week.


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