How to cure headaches by morning, noon, night, and time zone ・ Morning edition|西船橋で鬱、自律神経失調症頭痛、めまい、不眠、いらいらなどでお悩みの方専門整体院

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How to cure headaches by morning, noon, night, and time zone ・ Morning edition

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I always hear people with headaches come.


“Which time of the day is the most painful headache, morning, noon, or night?”


Most people

“It hurts from evening to night.”

Is called.


But some

“I have had a headache since I woke up in the morning.”

Some people say that.


In fact, the reasons for headaches are different in the morning, noon, and night.



How to cure headaches by morning, noon, night, and time zone ・ Morning edition


“I have a headache since I woke up in the morning.”

What’s wrong with someone who says?


Normally, you should be in good physical condition because you should be the most healed when you wake up.


But I have a headache from the morning

Because the pillow is bad




“Does the pillow cause a headache?”

You might think that.


A lesser-known cause of headaches is the “straight neck”.


A straight neck is a state in which the neck is straightened without warping.


When the neck is no longer warped, the neck will be stretched and the neck will be longer.


Then the blood vessels running through the neck are pulled.

If you pull the rubber hose, the tube will become thinner, right?


The same thing happens with blood vessels.

When it comes to a straight neck, the blood vessels become thinner.


Then, the blood flow to the brain is reduced and a headache occurs.


So what kind of pillow would you use for a straight neck?



① Too expensive pillow

It’s not about the price (laughs).

If it’s too tall, your neck will be stretched all the time and you’ll spend the night with a straight neck.



② Pillow with a low neck

Occasionally, I get the pillows I use, but surprisingly some people use these pillows.


At a minimum, the neck area must be higher than the area on which the head rests, or the arch of the neck will fall, resulting in a straight neck.


Imagine athletic shoes.

The arch of the foot is raised and supports the arch of the foot.


If you support the arch of your foot, you will not get tired easily.

The part that supports the arch of the athletic shoe is the neck part in terms of pillow.



Make a pillow that suits you


Body shapes and head weights vary widely.

It’s hard to find a pillow that suits you best.


Then you can make it yourself.


How to make an ideal pillow.

Choose a low pillow. If not, use a bath towel folded vertically and horizontally once.
First, let’s sleep on the pillow (bath towel). Remember that feeling.
Fold a hand towel vertically and horizontally once and place it on the neck.
I’ll sleep on it. If you think that feeling is “easier” than the feeling you slept earlier, the pillow is the correct answer.
Add another hand towel that has been folded vertically and horizontally.
If you try to sleep and think it’s easier than before, that’s the correct answer.
If you think “this is not easy” when you add another one, put it in the pillowcase and keep it in place as the two are correct.

“Easy!” When sleeping at night

“Easy!” When waking up in the morning

That means the pillow that suits you.


Please try by all means try.


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