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How to reliably raise the parasympathetic nerve

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Do you know how to raise the parasympathetic nerves?


The parasympathetic nerve is one of the autonomic nerves.

The autonomic nerves consist of sympathetic nerves and parasympathetic nerves.


There are various proposals for adjusting the autonomic nerves in the world.

Yoga, breathing, stretching, gymnastics, healing, music therapy and more.


These main targets are the parasympathetic nerves.

As for the breathing method, if you double the time to exhale than the time to inhale, the parasympathetic nerve becomes dominant and you can relax.


There are various schools such as yoga, but the mainstream is to adjust the breathing method to slow movement.

This also predominates in the parasympathetic nerve.


Most of the words “to prepare the autonomic nerves” mean “to make the parasympathetic nerves dominant”.


the other day

“I have a lot of sympathetic nerves.”

There was a person who said.


Perhaps most people in the world think so.


However, when I asked him how he lived, he didn’t live a life in which his sympathetic nerves became quite high.


“I think my sympathetic nerves are quite high because I’m always working.”


It is certainly so.

You are a sympathetic dominant person who is only working.


But it’s not “quite expensive”.


I have a question for you who think your sympathetic nerves are quite high.


Is your parasympathetic nerve high?


I think most people will say “not”.

That is why there are many ways in the world to increase parasympathetic nerves.


In fact, it is not well known, but the way the sympathetic nerve and parasympathetic nerve rise is a set.


The higher the sympathetic nerve, the higher the parasympathetic nerve will be caught by it.


If your sympathetic nerves are high during the day, your parasympathetic nerves will also be high when you sleep at night, and you will get a good night’s sleep.



“No matter how much I sleep, I can’t get tired …”

“I wake up many times in the middle of the night …”

If you say that, it’s because your sympathetic nerves during the day aren’t fully up.


“Because I’m working hard, I’m mentally nervous and I think my sympathetic nerves are rising.”


The sympathetic nerve is a nerve that was trained when hunting mammoths in ancient times.

Because of that, the sympathetic nerves are highest when you move your body.


If you sit most of the day, your sympathetic nerves will only rise halfway.

Then, at night, the parasympathetic nerve also rises only halfway.



How to reliably raise the parasympathetic nerve


Move your body as much as possible.


“I don’t have that time”

You might say

Get off the train and walk in front of one station
I went to the bathroom and tried squats about 5 times
Try twisting your body from side to side while sitting
Try to train your abdominal muscles while watching TV
Stop the escalator and try using the stairs


You can use the little moments of your daily life to boost your sympathetic nerves.

By doing so, the parasympathetic nerve can also be enhanced.


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