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Do you sleep well every day?


“I should have slept properly, but my body is heavy …”

“I wake up many times in the middle of the night …”

“I can’t sleep without taking medicine …”


Many people have sleep problems.


According to the Japan Lifestyle-related Disease Prevention Association, 21.4% of Japanese people are suffering from insomnia, and 15% are drowsy during the day.



The reality of Japan is that one in five people suffers from insomnia.

You are not the only one suffering from insomnia.


“I can sleep if I take medicine, but I don’t want to take medicine as much as possible.”


There are many people who say this.


Do you want to rely on medicine?


My idea is, “When you can’t sleep, it’s better to take medicine than to suffer.”


However, while you are sleeping with medicines, you should build a good body without relying on medicines.


So how do you build a body that doesn’t rely on medicine?




How to get a good night’s sleep without relying on medicine

Part 1 Pillow problem


What kind of pillow do you use?


“It’s a pillow for sideways”

“I had a pillow specialist make it.”


But if you wake up many times in the middle of the night, you may not have your pillow.


“Did you make it for yourself?”


That’s right.

Surprisingly, there are many people who don’t fit the pillows even though they were made by an expert.


The reason is

Because I measure the current state of the distorted neck and adjust it to it



More specifically, your neck that doesn’t fit your pillow is a “straight neck”.


It looks like a straight stick, and the neck is no longer warped.


Pillow specialists measure this straight neck and prescribe pillows that preserve the straight neck.


The ideal pillow is a pillow that improves while the straight neck is sleeping.


But this is unavoidable.

Because pillow specialists are not medical professionals.


Pillows are sure to be made by yourself.


Below is how to make a pillow.


How to make an ideal pillow.

Choose a low pillow. If not, use a bath towel folded vertically and horizontally once.
First, try sleeping on the pillow (bath towel). Remember that feeling.
Fold a hand towel vertically and horizontally once and place it on the neck.
I’ll sleep on it. If you think that feeling is “easier” than the feeling you slept earlier, the pillow is the correct answer.
Add another hand towel that has been folded once vertically and horizontally.
And if you try to sleep and think it’s easier than before, that’s the correct answer.
If you think “this is not easy” when you add another one, put it in the pillow cover and keep it in place as the two are correct.

“It’s easy!” When I went to bed

When I wake up, “It’s easy!”

Then the pillow is the correct answer.


By the way, the sideways pillow is NG.

Most sideways pillows are too expensive.


“I can only turn sideways”

People who say that are always lying on their backs in the middle of the night.


If you use a pillow that is too expensive at that time, it will become a straight neck and you will not be able to sleep well.


Please try it.


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