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How to lower blood pressure without taking medicine

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What is your blood pressure?


“Blood pressure has risen recently …”

“But I don’t want to take medicine …”

“Do I have to continue taking medicine until I die?”


Why does blood pressure rise?


Various causes such as stress, diet, and lack of exercise are involved.


For example, in an emergency where you need to lower your blood pressure right away, you should take your medicine immediately.


But just take the medicine

“Oh, this makes me feel at ease.”

Is it okay to take a break?


Who raised the blood pressure?

It wasn’t operated by anyone.

Your “brain” needed it and raised it.


Your brain

“It’s not good at this rate!”

I felt that I raised my blood pressure.


Simply lowering blood pressure with medicines does not solve the problem.


Whether you take medicine or not, you can’t take a break unless you do what you do.




How to lower blood pressure without taking medicine

Part ① Walk


High blood pressure is a condition in which the heart is working hard alone.


It is very difficult for a single heart to send blood to the whole body.

Especially sending and sending back to the lower body is very hard work.


That’s why the calf, a friend of the heart, helps to send blood back to the heart.


However, when I’m doing desk work, my heart’s friend calf isn’t used so much, so I have to work hard by myself.


If this condition continues for a long time, the heart will be overworked and high blood pressure will occur.


Let’s walk for about 30 minutes a day.

Get off in front of one station, or walk around shopping by bicycle.


It’s a walk, not a bicycle.

Let your calves work well.




How to lower blood pressure without taking medicine

(2) Correct your posture


The heart is driven by the autonomic nerves.

It’s not quite conscious.


Blood pressure

“Go down!”

Even if you are conscious of it, it will not go down.


The autonomic nerves cannot be controlled.

But you can control your body.


The autonomic nerves are in the spine.

It can be said that the autonomic nerve = the spine.


When the spine is distorted, the autonomic nerves also deteriorate.

The straighter your spine, the better your autonomic nerves.


A good posture improves the autonomic nerves of the heart and improves the functioning of the heart.

As a result, blood pressure returns to normal.


How to take a good posture

Place your palm on your hips.
Bend the spine by squeezing the muscles on either side of the spine just above the palm of your hand (I think your spine is probably protruding, but this spine is inherently warped. It is).



How to lower blood pressure without taking medicine

Part ③ Get a good night’s sleep


Even if you do the above two things well, it makes little sense if you don’t get enough sleep.


Humans are creatures that heal while sleeping.

If you don’t get the most important sleep, you won’t be able to heal.


There are various theories, but it’s best to sleep for about 6 to 7 hours.


As a cause of people with chronic lack of sleep

Bring your smartphone to bed
I’m late to take a bath
Late to go home
When I go home and lie down, I take a nap


Why am I sleeping late?

Let’s be aware.


And let’s improve where we can improve.


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