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Will gastroptosis heal?

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“I have gastroptosis, can it be cured?”


Gastroptosis is a condition in which the stomach is below its normal position.

Mostly it is due to the constitution that you were born with.


Will gastroptosis heal?


It was said that it would be good to do a handstand in folk remedies, but the effect is really …?

Has anyone been cured by this?

I have never heard of it.


Do you want to cure gastroptosis?


“I want to cure if possible”

“I want to be better than now”


So what do you want to improve with gastroptosis?


“I want to cure the position of the stomach”

If so, I’m useless.


“I want to cure the stomach upset that comes from gastroptosis.”

“I want to improve my anorexia caused by gastroptosis and live a more enjoyable life.”


If so, I think this blog will be useful.


“The position of my stomach is much lower, but will my stomach improve even if the position does not change?”



Even if the position of the stomach does not change, it will be better than it is now.


In fact, many people have no symptoms of gastroptosis.


In addition to gastroptosis, gastric symptoms such as stomach upset and loss of appetite develop for some reason.


So what do the symptoms of gastroptosis develop?



Causes of gastroptosis symptoms

Part ① Kyphosis


Kyphosis is a very bad habit for the stomach.

If you have a stoop, the space in the stomach will be compressed and the movement of the stomach will be restricted.


Then, symptoms such as stomach upset and indigestion appear.




Causes of gastroptosis symptoms

Part 2 Do not chew


Many people who complain of stomach upset or loss of appetite do not chew too much.


If you are a fast eater

“That’s true.”

I am convinced.



“I’m late to eat.”

Some people say that.


Eating fast = not chewing


Is easy to associate with


Slow to eat = not chewed


Is hard to associate with, so it’s hard to improve.


Many people eat late but don’t chew too much.

Even if you don’t have a habit of eating fast, it’s very important to count the number of times you chew.


If you haven’t chewed 20 times, your current stomach upset, indigestion, and loss of appetite may be a problem with your eating habits.



How to solve the problem of gastroptosis


First of all, let’s improve your posture.


How to take a good posture

Place your palm on your hips.
Bend the spine by squeezing the muscles on either side of the spine just above the palm of your hand (I think your spine is probably protruding, but this spine is inherently warped. It is).
If you keep this posture on a regular basis, your stomach symptoms will definitely improve.


And chew and eat at least 20 times.


Chewing is more important than you think.


Do it well with your daily diet.


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