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Water intake and poor physical condition

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“Are you drinking water?”


When asked

“It’s about one 500ml PET bottle in a day.”

I’m surprised to hear that sometimes.


Are you always somehow sick?

Are you always tired or tired?


“That’s right. Somehow I’m always sick.”

If so, look back on the amount of water intake.


“I’m going to take it, but …”

“Intention” causes poor physical condition.


Make sure you know exactly how much water you are drinking.


For example, if you always put water in a mug and drink a glass when you wake up, measure how many ml the mug is.


The mug I always use is about 200ml.


After waking up, calculate that if you drank a glass of water in the mug, you would have ingested 200 ml of water.


Please use it for drinking a 500ml PET bottle in the morning.


You can get 700ml of water in the morning just by doing this.


At lunch, drink a mug of water and take a break.


This is 900 ml.


After lunch break, drink a mug and it’s 1100ml.


After that, if you drink up a 500ml PET bottle by the end of work, it will be 1600ml.


If you go home and drink a mug, this will be 1800ml.


By the way, my recommended amount of water intake is

Weight x 35 ml



Although the weight and height are different, I think that 2 liters is strange.


I think this calculation method is suitable for each person.



“Why should I drink so much?”

Will say.



Why do I have to drink so much water?


“I don’t feel thirsty so I don’t have to drink it?”

You might say, but that’s not the case.


The purpose of fluid intake is not “because of thirst”.

As you get older, you will not feel thirsty much.


So why do I have to drink water when I’m not thirsty?


that is

To make urine



Urine has the effect of removing waste products from the body.


To put it the other way around, if urine does not come out, the waste products will not go out and will remain in the body.


“What’s wrong with that?”


What happens if the waste products don’t go out?

Dirty blood will circulate in the body.


This is a car engine oil, for example.

Not drinking water means that you have not changed the engine oil.


What happens if I don’t change the engine oil?

・ Smoke is emitted.

・ Fuel efficiency deteriorates

・ The engine is damaged



There is nothing good about it.


It is the same even if it is replaced with a human.


Not drinking that much water is a health risk.




What should i drink?


My recommendation is plain hot water.


Weight x 35 ml is a considerable amount.


If I calculate it, it will be about 2.2ℓ.

If you take this amount with cold water, your body will get cold endlessly.


“Is it okay at room temperature?”

I think midsummer is good, but I don’t recommend it in other seasons.

Room temperature is quite cold depending on the season.




Is it okay to have tea or coffee?


Tea and coffee are luxury items.


“It’s okay to drink, but it doesn’t count as an intake.”

I am telling you.


It means that even if you drink 2 coffees, it will not be counted as water.


Because it has diuretic effects, it has little effect on removing waste products from the body.


Don’t overdo it, start it,


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